Get Patriotized Summit and Flag Day

Get Patriotized Summit and Flag Day

How many of you celebrate Flag Day and what does it mean to you? Next week on June 14th starting at 10am there is going to be an online event, "Get Patriotized Summit.”

I’m going to be part of this because a few months back Bianca Gracia introduced me to Steve Stern. You might know her name if you live in the Houston area because she also ran for Senate District 11 in the 2022 primary.

Bianca was one of the 40 five-star candidates that year and I continue to keep in contact with many of them. Several continue working towards improving things across Texas and some are running again in the 2024 Primary for House District. 

Dennis London from Rockwall is running for HD33 and has already received our personal endorsement.

Since this introduction, Steve has been sharing The Five Star Plan every chance he gets. You may have seen some of these interviews because he's everywhere. I’m forever grateful because this plan works and it’s not bragging if it’s true.

Steve is also the founder of the Flag Shirt Shop and he’s an active supporter for Precinct Strategy.  He's a busy man and connects with people who are working to improve the Republican Party across the United States.

I’ve talked with many of these folks and have helped individuals in states like, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, California, Washington and Oregon to name a few. These people are using The Five Star Plan to Replace Politicians with Patriots.

I wrote my first book for Texas, but any state can use it because the steps are not complicated. The steps in my book work together and that’s why I refer to it as a plan.

I am told all the time I should be tracking all this progress but I’m a busy guy. My wife works with me; we do not have a staff and we do a lot.  If people are out there working to improve things using TFSP book, I’m a happy guy.

That’s why I wrote it, so regular people like you and I can read it and implement the steps to make things better.

Get Patriotized & Flag Day

The Get Patriotized Summit came about from Steve Stern and his son. It’s a way to celebrate Flag Day, all day and it will be online on the Lindell Network.

I believe the last count was about 60 speakers, me being one of them. Other names like, Steve Bannon, General Flynn, Lee Greenwood, Sebastian Gorka and possibly Trump will also be speaking.

I’m honored to be included in this list of speakers who respect and love this country.

If this event can bring us closer together to spread the message of preserving liberty, then I’m all about that.

Check it out, get signed up for the reminders here and mark Flag Day, June 14th on your Calendar.  Ask yourself this one simple question, “What does the American Flag mean to you?”

Robert West