Dan Thomas

In "The Five Star Plan" Robert West lays out a simple yet courageous vision of returning our government to citizen rule and ousting the career/profiteer politicians who lord over us like kings. This goal is attainable. "The Five Star Plan" is a great introduction to politics and how we got to this point. It's also a clear call to action for anyone ready to be a part of the solution.

Stormy Bradley

Robert West’s book, “The Five Star Plan” is a clear roadmap for regular people and groups that are focused on putting Texas voters back in charge and replacing career politicians with patriots. It outlines where to be active and how to make a positive impact in local and state government. It is an actionable and practical plan for regular people who want to unite and protect our liberties in Texas. It is a must read for all Texas Conservatives that are tired of the stagnation.

Don Huffines

“The Five Star Plan” is one of the most important books for Texas’ future. Step by step, Robert West lays out how true patriots can and will take Texas back and ensure that Texas does not end up like so many other socialist democrat run cities and states. This book is a how-to manual for protecting and preserving the Constitution and our Founding Fathers’ vision for America.

Deanna Robertson

"Robert West's Five Star Plan spoke directly to my heart. For too long, we as Americans and Texans have been complacent; relying on and trusting that our elected officials were carrying out the things that we tasked them with. We are waking up and now living in the result of this complacency. The Five Star Plan lays out in clear detail how "we the people" can take back our government.

Aaron Sorrells

Robert West's book, "The Five Star Plan" is the perfect book to help every day Texans understand how they can be part of a bigger movement to replace out of touch and corrupt politicians. With his plan, we can put a stop to the political establishment that is destroying our way of life. It is a must read for everyone.

Greg Caldwell

The Five Star Plan lays out, in easy steps, how an ordinary citizen can help take back our country. In layman’s terms, it is a “how-to manual” for returning our country back to our founding beliefs. If you want to help save our country, this book should be on your short list for must read books!

Elle Lark

I bought Robert's book as a brand-new precinct chair and after I heard him speak, I knew it was a worthy investment. Robert and his wife, Carole bring such knowledge and positive energy that is missing in today's political landscape. The information that Robert presents is empowering and inspiring. I highly recommend that anyone who cares about the future of Texas and our country go out of their way to read his book, hear him talk and meet him.

Chad Prather

The Five Star Plan is a must read for anyone that cares about our future as Texans as well as the future of our nation. Now more than ever before we must mobilize to protect our freedom and our constitutional rights. The Five Star Plan will show you how to do that step-by-step.

Joe McDaniel

When I finished reading the 5 Star Plan, I immediately had to call Robert West. It was, as if, I had read a book about myself. What has birthed in Robert is what is being birthed into a movement. We are sick and tired of the career establishment running the political arena. Politicians have got to go! We can elect Patriots! What has happened to the idea of “We the People”? It is all about freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Stop those from taking that away from us. Join forces and train 5 to reach 5 that can train 5 to reach 5 more. Get involved in both small and big ways. Constitutional Conservatives can take back this country one vote at a time.

Senator Bob Hall, SD2

Robert West’s book, "The Five Star Plan” lays out in clear, specific detail how “we the people” can regain our role in ensuring that our founding fathers’ brilliant plan for life, liberty and individual pursuit of happiness can be rescued from the dominating hand of the socialist democrats who now control too many states and our nation. “The Five Star Plan” is a must read for every constitutional conservative with Judeo- Christian values.

Erleigh Wiley, Kaufman DA

Texas is the greatest state in our union, but to keep our great state for future generations, it’s imperative that we have a government that serves the people and not special interests. West’s book sets out a roadmap for the citizens of Texas: get involved in the electoral process, hold your elected officials accountable, and ensure conservatives of conviction have control of our state government. The Five Star Plan is a straightforward “how to” book. Every officeholder and those interested in holding office should take the time to read.

Mike Drury, Wise County GOP Chair

The Five Star Plan is an inspiration for all Texans to realize that we the “normal” people have all of the power to take back control of our great state. It has inspired me to get involved and help unite, educate and activate the people of Wise County. Robert lays it all out in simple easy to read terms. I would encourage anyone who is sick and tired of the status quo to quit watching the news, read the book and then get involved.

Bob Brewer, Smith County PC3

The Five Star Plan is the Mother Lode at Sutter's Mill. Every sentence is a gold nugget of priceless information. It's The concise action plan to retrieve our counties, state, and nation from those who think they own the world. When you're in a group that thinks "doing something" is designing a tee shirt logo, or recruiting a speaker, give them this book and require a written report by next meeting. This PLAN will "get er done"! Read it, adsorb it, execute it, recruit, and pray. God will smile on you as He smiled on Robert when He had him write this book for you and our progeny. God Bless Robert West

Bryan Slaton, Former State Rep. HD2

The Five Star Plan is a great resource for the nuts and bolts of Texas Politics from the ground up. In addition, also a great tool to help Republicans grow their support, educate their base and win new people to our cause.

George Lavender

Robert West's Five Star Plan couldn't have come at a better time. Over the past few years we have seen the damage that has been done by lawmakers that we trusted to be conservative. Whether it's at the state or Federal level, many have shown that they do not share our values. The Five Star Plan lays out a roadmap to take our government back. Robert gives us hope that we can change things for the better.

Gayle Summers

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mr. West's book and I highly recommend it to any true Texan that is serious about saving our great state. I will always remember, I am (the) public, and those I elect are public servants.

Mike Monreal

"Clear, Concise, Compelling. The Five Star Plan charts the course for conservatives to take back our Texas grassroots, conservative values. Robert West's stories, facts and practical steps will help conservatives align and create the momentum needed to replace career politicians with Patriot Citizen-Legislators."

Jennifer Yoch

This book contains how to become better informed about Texas politics. What to consider if running for election. How to create a network to elect conservatives for 2022. 10 priorities for the Texas legislative agenda and a summary of what our elected officials do. I think this will become a guide map for those of us seeking to get more involved. Thanks for writing this great book!

Stephen Kallas

The Five Star Plan; Serves as a call to action with a good, workable plan that is showing results already; starting right in my home county. The book takes the idea that YOU can make a difference, providing a guide to how "we the people" can reassert our sovereignty. Therein the point-by-point explanation of the Constitutional violations was eye-opening and motivational at the same time. Read this book and get to work; your family, your church, your community and even Texas itself depends on your actions. It may just take our Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor, if we don't act now.

Jen Bezner

The Five Star plan was an excellent roadmap on how to change the “old-school” political system. It gave me great hope as a 1st-time candidate for State office. This book takes complex issues and provides constitutional solutions; the Five Star Plan is a must-read for all new candidates.

Ed Wetterman

I got it on a Thursday about 4:30 and devoured it by 6:00 pm. The Five Star Plan is a way for us to take back our government. So, if you read this and agree, as I do, go find those five friends and get involved. It is not about winning for the Political Machine, it is about winning for the state of Texas, for doing what is right.

David Lowe

The Five Star Plan is not just any book. Reading it is an experience and the amount of information covered in this very easy read is extraordinary. Anyone who has ever considered getting involved in politics, the Five Star Plan is a great first step.

Julia Schmoker

When I read The Five Star Plan it was like looking in a mirror. I am precisely who this book is for and about. Patriots not Politicians. We need patriots to protect the constitution, so our rights are never violated again. Shutting down the economy, schools and houses of worship is unconstitutional. Mandates, vaccinations and vaccine passports are all infringing on our freedom. We need fresh representatives and strict adherence to the constitution to right this ship. The tenets of The Five Star Plan are the way to secure our freedom.

Chad Miller

As a lifelong businessman who has never run for office, The Five Star Plan has been an invaluable resource for me in my campaign for County Judge in Wise County. The priority list is rock solid and an easy for any actual conservative to get behind and the different reference points in the book are informative, concise, and something each Patriot in Texas should be aware of. I know Robert and Carole personally and their character is a testimony to how effective the plan is. I highly recommend anyone getting into politics or even a seasoned vet to get behind TFSP.

Kim Spain

I just finished his book last night. It’s an easy read and put things in a way that empowers the average person. It gives basic info for the newbie without making us who know more feel like we’re wasting our time. All around awesome book.

Jim Herblin

Frustrated conservatives want to know what they can do to help save our states and nation. The five-star plan is a straightforward way to get conservatives on the "political field" to effectuate and reinstate Constitutional principles and Christian values.

Larry Carpenter

"Absolutely loved The Five Star Plan! This is a must read for anyone new or seasoned to politics. It outlines the pure patriotic duties that we need to take if we want to take back our state and country. The Bible, USA Constitution and The Five Star Plan are the most important reads."

Dennis London

The Five Star Plan is exactly what it says it is – a plan to replace Politicians with Patriots. It is probably one of the most important books for the future of Texas. Robert West clearly defines and lays out how true patriots can take Texas back and ensure this great state does not end up like the democrat-run cities and states. If you are a Constitutional Conservative with Judeo- Christian values, and you find yourself wondering how a Texas House and Senate with a Republican majority still can’t get traction on important issues – and more importantly, if you want to do something about it - then this book is an absolute must-read! Don’t sit on the sidelines. If you want something different to happen, then you need to do things differently.

Shelley Luther

The Five Star Plan by Robert West is the quintessential “How to” for citizens who are ready to take their first steps toward political action. This book maps the political course for anyone who’s fed up with the current status of our nation, state and local governments and has the desire to implement change. No stone is left unturned, and excuses of political ignorance are extinguished. This is a must read for new and veteran activists.

Brett Guilory

In a time period of deep frustration with establishment politicians, candidates, and their policies, “The Five Star Plan” is a fantastic guide for Texans on how we can replace these establishment personalities with hardworking Americans that truly represent The People. The book is a call-to-arms for anyone who is looking to get involved, make a difference, and become a part of the movement that truly protects our liberties and freedoms and preserves the Constitution and our American way of life.

Blake West

This isn’t a typical motivation book that tells you how you should feel and make yourself feel good while doing nothing. This is a book that anyone can use to help make a difference so long as the reader is willing to put in the work. The vast majority of questions most people ask, will be answered. It's up to every Texan to step up now. Do everything we can peacefully before we consider the long-term bloodshed. If we don't history will remember us as the generation that threw Texas in the dumpster. I don't know about you but if future generations ask, “Why did we do nothing to preserve our Liberty?” My response will be, "People never knew how good they had it until it was too late. They didn't do enough in the development towards raising their children because it was easier for the government to do it for them.” They were ultimately too lazy because they never cared about future generations, only themselves. I however will not be one of those selfish sheep. “I won't stop fighting until I die or restore our freedoms we once had.

Tim Labatsky

Picked up the book after hearing him speak at a POB event. This is a must read for any Patriot that loves this country and asks, “what can I do?” You can see his passion thru the pages of this book. All I can say is pick one up and find out for yourself.

Rickey Williams

A fellow Patriot suggested we read Robert West's book, The Five Star Plan. This book absolutely spoke to us and to what was stirring in our hearts. While the book is targeted to Texas, the message translates to any state and this country needs a reboot of freedom-loving, Constitutional Conservatives taking a stand. We need to get back to center and if you love this country, I urge you to join us in replacing Politicians with Patriots. We will need all hands-on deck as we take on big money politicians and opportunists alike. We hope that you'll lock arms and join our efforts.

Adrienne Balkum

Robert West gives an easy-to-read approach on how people can take simple steps to get involved right in your own community. From the beginning he educates you so that you are informed of what was violated by Governor Greg Abbott from our supreme law of the land the Constitution. This book provides insight on commitments, recruiting volunteers, campaign team member ideas and an overview how to analyze voter rolls.

Dewey Collier

Robert West’s “The Five Star Plan” provides the reader a look into the Texas political establishment. He points out how the current RINO's who are in the Texas legislature have violated their oath to God, Texas Constitution, and their constituents. The plan provides a step-by-step outline of techniques that every individual running or wanting to run for public office could adopt. I especially found the idea of growing your campaign though a five supporters pyramid model to be personally motivating. The Five Star Plan helps to strengthen Texas by advancing the Republican Platform, fighting to maintain Texan values, independence, entrepreneurship and freedom.

Jo Holland

Bless you Robert for bringing patriots together. Texas is being Invaded by liberal Democrats and illegals and Dems say boldly they want to turn our state Blue! GOD forbid! I'm 84 and can't do the active things anymore BUT my spirit is strong, and I want to see your 5-star plan succeed!

Rachal Hisler

The Five Star Plan is a book for everyone, whether you consider yourself to be political or not. Robert West has a real plan for real people to take our country back from the political machine that has become our ruling class. Every citizen must become engaged to ensure the God given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to our posterity. He includes simple, concise action items that are absolutely achievable no matter what area of The Lone Star State you call home.

Rick Parent

Robert West’s “The Five Star Plan” is a well written, well laid out “How To” Book. It tells you what it’s going to tell you, then tells you and reiterates the points covered in every chapter! It’s a very well laid out plan for opening eyes before we proceed any further on the insane political path we find ourselves. Make no mistake about it this NOT another rant and it is NOT another diatribe that bolsters your opinions. It IS a personal challenge to all of us to make a difference in the history books. A very stimulating read that moves at the speed of cliff notes! While he never takes you out of your comfort zone, Robert gives us a road map to breaking our personal best efforts correcting the problems that have infected our political world.

Kasey Britton

Robert West is a precinct chair in my county. God crossed our paths during my mayoral campaign. After chatting with he and his sweet wife, Carole, I learned he wrote a book, The Five Star Plan. Being a newbie to politics, I purchased the book and read it in one day! From that point on, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. When I began my political journey a year ago, I knew connecting information to voters was absolutely necessary! Being new to politics and finding info was hard and when asking questions with seasoned political folks, it was always met with feeling like I was crazy for asking. Robert's book solved this problem. He and Carole are true Patriots and helping folks like me get information into the hands everyone in this state. The Five Star Plan is the only plan everyone should get behind!

Bunker Bob Steinhagen

Apathy & indifference are the single greatest threat to American liberty and The Five Star Plan is a practical handbook for fed-up patriots who are ready to act. Those who brandish the conservative moniker are challenged by it to stand on principle over loyalty to a Party that continues to stand up for politicians whose actions betray some of the most foundational standards of its platform. Because of its brevity and large print, one might presume that it's an easy read, however, there is nothing easy about learning how to peacefully and patriotically take action against the swamp-mentality of the established GOP by standing on the conviction of one's belief!

Bianca Gracia

We the people have to light up a grassroot movement like never before this election cycle. We must elect patriots who will actually pass a term limit bill, eliminate the emergency powers of the Governor, end property taxes, and deliver on school choice once and for all. I recommend Robert West's book especially for those who are new to the political process. "The Five Star Plan" should be in every patriot's home and reading list to remind us that WE HOLD the POWER! Thank You Robert for what you are doing! Let's win and take back Texas!

Isaac Smith

"The Five Star Plan is the road map leading to the political trenches. If you want to save our country, if you want to move past voting & want to get involved then this is your book! Our country is worth our fight, our efforts & our time. The Five Star Plan will give you the direction & insight into how we do this together!”

Elizabeth Norris

It’s time for Americans to take our country back. The Five Star Plan is an excellent resource on how we as Americans can start that process! What a great educational tool for all!

Jonathan Hullihan

The “The Five Star Plan” is a definitive pathway toward empowering the grassroots, to take back the power of the people from those who would misuse it for personal agendas, counter to the will of the people, under the guise of public service.

Beverly Rachel

I’ve heard you speak at our Patriot meeting, and I read your blog but… Your Book… Just WOW! Thank you for writing this!

Tracy Jones

The Five Star Plan is a roadmap to the possible restoration of the Republican Party. A great vision for the future of the Republican Party is laid out in an easy-to-understand manner. The Five Star Plan is an excellent read.

Lee Finley

Robert West's "The Five Star Plan" is, at its core, a roadmap. West reveals a path by which the reader can make a real, positive impact on the world around them, starting at the local level. He demonstrates how we can remove corrupt, self-serving, lifetime politicians, and replace them with Citizen Leaders committed to the principles of full transparency, integrity, and limited Government. "The Five Star Plan" is less a defense of Conservative Republican values, and more a step-by-step guide to accomplishing real, tangible, political change. Read it. Absorb it. Act on it.

John McIntyre

Excellent analysis and wealth of information on getting involved and making a difference!

Art Hernandez

"For too long, the majority has been silent. The Five Star Plan by Robert West gives the silent majority the guidance to take back America."

Mark Middleton

For years Liberal-Democrats have had and implemented a “plan” to take over Texas. Thanks to Robert West, we Conservatives now have a plan to take Texas back from the Socialists. In the ‘Five Star Plan’ Robert lays out a succinct road map we Conservatives can employ to ensure Texas is restored to its rightful place as the Conservative leader in the Union. For years, Texas has been controlled by Establishment politicians, the sub-title of his book is ‘Replacing Politicians with Patriots’, if Texans will follow the ‘Five Star Plan’ that’s what we will do.

Erika Hatfield

As the State Grassroots Coordinator for the Convention of States in Texas, I’m always trying to find more information to share with others on the inside scoop of Texas civics and how to strategically take our state and also country back from tyranny. The government, regardless at what level, was never meant to have so many tentacles reaching into the depths of our lives. This book explains the meaning of self-governance and the steps we need to take as citizens to release the choke hold the government has on our lives.

Joshua Hamm

While talking with the Madison County GOP I was asked an important question, “How can we trust you to do what you’re running on?” The short answer, you can’t. The long answer is that The Five Star Plan shows how politicians can be held accountable to their constituents. Counties have the power to publicly censure civil servants and expose individuals who are not holding up their side of the bargain. All politicians are dependent upon donations from individuals and organizations to run campaigns, it is much more difficult to raise money if they are publicly ostracized by their own party. Conservatives must remove the beam from our own eye before anything else.

Charity Leitz

This is a book based on the political climate in Texas, but the information and suggestions detailed in the text are applicable in any state. It’s a MUST read for any patriot who is tired of the dictator like politicians and the lack of accountability for those running our country. If you’re looking to help, make a change happen- GET THIS BOOK.

Jonathan Mitchell

The Five Atar Plan by Robert West is an excellent guide on how we can restore our constitutional rights by electing candidates and having everyday common folks run for public office that will stand by our core principles. This guide will also help out on the federal level by ensuring our US Representatives for Texas stands by the constitution and ensure that the states have the power over the federal government and stopping the federal over-reach.

Andy Hopper

The Five Star Plan has been an instrumental tool to the conservative group I helped found, Wise County Conservatives. WCC helped activate Republican voters in the county and, with the guidance of Robert West, helped our GOP fill empty precinct seats. This change was desperately needed as our county has been redistricted into a more moderate district and the county Republican Party will need to be fully functional and strong to maintain Republican wins. Now, as a candidate, I also appreciate the functional nature of The Five Star Plan in getting out the vote. I expect our county’s voter turnout to be higher than ever before.

George Tyson

In today’s government career and corrupt politicians are so entrenched that it is hard to remove them from office even with an energized populace. By using Robert West’s, The Five Star Plan as the blueprint, true patriots can take back their government and return it to “For the People”. The Five Star Plan was originally written for Texas politics, but it can be used anywhere and at any level of government. Patriots who are new to politics can start locally with School Boards, City Councils and County governance or take the plunge and go after State or National office. As long as the plan is followed any elected office is available to patriots. The why is in your heart, the how has been given to you by Robert West, now is the time to put the plan into action and regain our country.

Dan Johnson

America today is in a crisis that has not been seen since the Civil War. About half the leadership of the country no longer have any respect for the US Constitution when it doesn’t fit their agenda. A representative republic can only survive if a majority of the people want it to. Texas has long been looked at as an example of freedom thinkers and patriots to the rest of America. But even Texas is sliding away. This book points out how even Conservative Republicans like Greg Abbott and the Texas Legislature have ignored the Texas State Constitution. If we allow this type of leadership to continue, Texas and America, is doomed to the complete loss of individual liberty. But what separates this book from many others is it doesn’t just show a problem, it offers an Idea, A Plan, to fix things. It just takes a little effort, from everyone, who believes in and wants their children to live in the “Land of the free and the home of the Brave” instead of the Land of the regulated and the home of the compliant. Just casting your vote isn’t enough anymore to fix what is broken with Texas, or America.