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About Robert

Robert was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. Growing up in South and East Texas he enlisted in the Navy right out of high school.

After six years in the service, for 30 years he's been working around the world on aircraft electronics in addition to land development.

Robert met his wife Carole, while in the Navy and they have two adult children, both veterans.

While being involved in his church and community for years, The Five Star Plan began the first day of the Covid lockdowns. At the time, he was also a precinct chair in Delta County, Texas.

Since the lockdowns, Robert has written, spoken and traveled across Texas in an effort to return the government back to the people and to end politics as a career choice. 

He's been fortunate to speak to citizens from all walks of life. This effort has resulted in seating over 1,000 precinct chairs for the Republican party of Texas.

People from other states have also reached out to share how they have used The Five Star Plan. With the help of my wife and many others the progress has been positive and continues to multiply.

If you have read my books, then you have probably recognized echoes from TFSP where I am not present.

I have been told by many that it's too late to save this nation. I disagree with that 100%. If I am wrong, I've wasted some time, if they are wrong, they are wasting their chance.

Today, I continue to write, speak and coach others on where to be involved. I don't tell people what to do, instead I build rockets not guided missiles.

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The Five Star Plan Book

TFSP answers, "What you can do right now." Robert breaks down the root cause of our problems and identifies how regular people can solve them. This is a step-by-step plan that anybody can use.

Practical solutions for America book

It’s not that our problems are too complex it is that career politicians from both sides are refusing to fix them and neither side is listening to their actual voters. Before fixing our problems, eliminate the cause.