2024 Primary Endorsement Steps

2024 Primary Endorsement Steps

2024 Primary Endorsement Steps

Robert West | May 23, 2023

My endorsements for the 2024 Primary Elections will look different this time around. I mention this in the forward of my new book, Practical Solutions for America

What I learned in the 2022 Primary is that with 254 counties, over 50 congressional districts and many more additional offices endorsing became a time sucking nightmare. 

The truth is there is no way I can realistically vet all these people and all their opponents.

TFSP did endorse 40 candidates in 2022 and many were turned away because they were not willing to meet our requirements. Which was to read my first book and agree with my plan by endorsing it. Remember, my goal is to Replace Politicians with Patriots.

This time around, I will endorse candidates that I know and trust but as an individual not as The Five Star Plan.

I am not endorsing incumbents, if candidates like TFSP, then they can talk about it in their campaign. Voters can ask candidates if they support The Five Star Plan message and if they have read my first book. You know what questions to ask, do not be afraid to speak out and ask a candidate who is seeking your vote.

Too many voters are using endorsements as a crutch and not bothering to question the candidates on their own. This needs to change.

If you are running for office in Texas and would like our personal endorsement, please contact us here.

For the 2024 Primary endorsements, I will require an opportunity to talk with all candidates seeking our full endorsement. You will be expected to write a press release about this endorsement for TFSP website before announcing our support.

- Robert West

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