A practical guide to show what you can do to impact local, state and national government. 


Identifying multiple issues, we face as a nation with logical steps to fix.


Don Huffines

“The Five Star Plan” is one of the most important books for Texas’ future. Step by step, Robert West lays out how true patriots can and will take Texas back and ensure that Texas does not end up like so many other socialist democrat run cities and states. This book is a how-to manual for protecting and preserving the Constitution and our Founding Fathers’ vision for America.

Mike Drury, Wise County GOP Chairman

The Five Star Plan is an inspiration for all Texans to realize that we the “normal” people have all of the power to take back control of our great state. It has inspired me to get involved and help unite, educate and activate the people of Wise County. Robert lays it all out in simple easy to read terms. I would encourage anyone who is sick and tired of the status quo to quit watching the news, read the book and then get involved.

Shelley Luther

The Five Star Plan by Robert West is the quintessential “How to” for citizens who are ready to take their first steps toward political action. This book maps the political course for anyone who’s fed up with the current status of our nation, state and local governments and has the desire to implement change. No stone is left unturned, and excuses of political ignorance are extinguished. This is a must read for new and veteran activists.

Rachal Hisler

The Five Star Plan is a book for everyone, whether you consider yourself to be political or not. Robert West has a real plan for real people to take our country back from the political machine that has become our ruling class. Every citizen must become engaged to ensure the God given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to our posterity. He includes simple, concise action items that are absolutely achievable no matter what area you call home.

Chad Prather

The Five Star Plan is a must read for anyone that cares about our future as Texans as well as the future of our nation. Now more than ever before we must mobilize to protect our freedom and our constitutional rights. The Five Star Plan will show you how to do that step-by-step.