Robert West Speaking in Cooke County Texas


Robert West Speaking in Wise County Texas

Casey Sollock

Robert West spoke at our Saving Texas event in Austin. He is personable, kind, positive, humble, and his message is SPOT ON. He conveys with passion, resilience, and confidence. While one could look at the current political landscape and feel despair, Robert empowers us with an actionable plan which brings hope. We can't wait to have him back; I highly recommend.


Robert West speaking for True Texas Project
Robert West speaking at The Yellow Rose of Texas Republican Women
Robert West Speaking in Anderson County Texas


Elle Lark

Collin County Precinct Chair

Roberts Five Star Precinct Chair Training is a great introductory course that dives into the “power of the Precinct Chair." You will leave energized and ready to be a positive change in the Republican Party.

Tracy Lasater

Nacogdoches Conservative Watch

Robert West showed up early and matched our group perfectly. He truly exceeded our expectation, and we will be inviting him back to speak with our group. Thank you so much for coming to Nacogdoches Conservative Watch.

Kasey Britton

I attended several events where Robert was a speaker. His uncanny and humble ways of engaging the audience by explaining our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS and our Constitution is one everyone needs to see and hear; it will move you to take action. Instantly I knew he needed to speak at my event. Book him today!

Tim Labatsky

Patriot Owned Businesses

We had Robert speak at an event for our Patriot group and I must say he does a great job. He speaks to you not at you and has a true heart for what he believes. I have heard a lot of speakers and he is one of the top. If you have the chance, make it to where Robert speaks and get a copy of his book.

Carmen Cavazos

Harris County Precinct Chair

Robert West’s crucial information in his book and his speech presentations are immensely valuable. The lessons are vital in directing grassroots to take back their counties by providing a plan to fill empty precinct chairs and start to hold our current elected official's promises to the truth test. I highly recommend scheduling Robert for an in-person visit to your clubs, events and county functions.

Robert West Speaker for Cooke County Conservatives in Texas
Robert West Speaking in Dallas Texas
Robert West Speaking in Allen Texas for We the People of Allen.

Kimberlee K

I enjoy reading and attending Robert's courses. The program is real-talk and easy to understand. His approach is straight forward and empowers all Texans to get involved in simple, yet effective strategies. This is not an expensive fund raiser, social gala, book signing or pictures with failed Rinos. This formula ignites the Grassroots Texan Patriot to step up and serve in one of the most powerful elected positions. Let's take Texas back and hold these failed elected leaders accountable! I highly recommend The Five Star Plan!