Do you Know any Patriots?

Do you Know any Patriots?

Do you Know Any Patriots

Robert West | January 25, 2022

Do you Know any Patriots?

I work and meet with a lot of people that love this country. That is what they say.

They would do anything for this nation and this state. That is what they say.

When asked, some of these people are not registered to vote and they cannot be bothered to participate.

They refuse to run against corrupt people in their own party or vote for “the other side” even when the person on their side has proven to be worse.

Event with Incumbent Cole Hefner

I was at an event not long ago with State Representative Cole Hefner.

I will not go into the graphic details of his sex-capades while in Austin but suffice to say between the text messages and photos shared by at least one of the participants it is not a rumor.

He was asked to perform the opening prayer, in a church, while it was raining outside.

Did the organizers want to see a lightning bolt up close?

At an appearance later that week, Hefner brought his seven children and put them on the front row.

I believe that was his best defense against anyone bringing up the sordid details of what he had time for in Austin while he was running out of time to do the people’s business.

As a father, I can think of nothing lower than using his own children as human shields to protect his political career.

A close second is anyone that would vote for, support or ignore what this man has done.

I was told at that event “What someone does in their own time does not matter to me."

I replied, “He was on the clock.”

God, Country, Family and Honor

There was a time when GOD, country, family and honor accounted for something in this nation and in this state. There are still men and women that feel that way.

We have to start shaming people back in that direction or we are lost.

People that do not believe in GOD cannot believe in God-given rights. People that break their oaths to the creator in charge of their next breath, will not blink while lying to you.

Once a man or woman has proven they will violate that oath it is past time to replace them; true patriots would do this for the good of the nation.

If you think the nation cannot survive without a cowardly, lying, oath breaking, adulterer being your “representative” then YOU are the problem.

To the fair-weather patriots, we only have a few weeks left to support the good men and women that have stepped forward to serve.

Volunteer and Donate

If you have not placed a yard sign, donated or called to volunteer, do that today. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Send $5 to the candidate of your choice. Be honest, you would have spent that on a coffee anyway. Better yet, send that $20 you would have dropped on a pizza.  Give to a candidate that has not lied or proven that they care for nothing past their re-election.

Notice that I never ask for a penny, but I do ask voters to give as much as you can to help the candidates you support. Look at the candidates, The Five Star Plan has endorsed and do your research before donating, supporting and voting.

Talk your friends, relatives and coworkers into voting in the Primary. January 31st is the last day to register.

Shame them if you must but get them to the polls after you have educated them about what is going on.

Just find five people that did not vote in the last primary and things can change, they have to if our kids and their kids are to stay free.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Robert West