What is The Five Star Plan Endorsement Worth

What is The Five Star Plan Endorsement Worth

What is The Five Star Plan Endorsement Worth

Robert West | January 16, 2022

What makes The Five Star endorsement worth anything at all?

All of us have supported candidates in the past. Voting for a person is an endorsement, even if you tell no one.

When a candidate receives an endorsement from the NRA, Texas Right to Life or any of a hundred or more organizations across Texas, it says that organization believes you to be the “best” at championing their particular cause.

TFSP endorsement is similar in that the candidate agrees with the plan.  So what? 

That is a fair question.

The difference between TFSP and other organizations is that the candidates not only read the book but are required to write a review, however brief. They also agree to an interview where we discuss the legislative priorities from the book.

When you have read the book, you know the plan. You can read their review and judge how much you agree or disagree with the candidates through their statement. In essence it is a mutual endorsement.

To date every Five Star Candidate is a Republican but not all Republicans are Five Star Candidates.

Endorsing Republican Candidates

We have been asked, why we do not endorse all Republicans or a particular Republican? The answer to that question is simple, they have either not asked or not acted in a timely manner.

For some of these candidates it meant we were not worth their time and they are very busy. For others they may have felt we were a bit too controversial; it would hurt more than it helped. I can respect those candidates and will be voting for a few of them. 

Then we come to the last group and by far the largest. Republican candidates that are career politicians will stay away from us like the plague.

They cross the street when they see us coming and walk along the opposite wall when they see us at events. If they will even attend an event where we are featured, they often leave early or try to debate what I have spoken.

How to Know if People are Lying

“How do you know the people that agree with you are not lying?” I don’t, and neither do you because we have all been fooled in the past.

For anyone that wants a career in politics, meaning more than 8 or 12 years in office let me clue you in. TFSP, unlike either political party, will not alter its beliefs or principles.

If you say you will limit yourself to one or two terms and do not, we will not only remember, we will also loudly and actively remind everyone that you lied. We will do this before the primary, before the general and after the election takes place.

The Voters and the Parties

If the voters and the parties actually held their candidates accountable instead of being only worried about the “other side” winning we would be much further along as a nation.

My wife and I started TFSP a year ago. My employer has been kind enough to allow me a very flexible schedule and The True Texas Project has invited me to speak to their groups.

More candidates have asked for and received endorsements than I ever thought would run. Thanks to everyone that has helped, it is making a difference.

Only 3 of our 30 Five Star Plan endorsements have gone to people currently in office. If your candidate matches what we believe, send them our way.

If your candidate has not received The Five Star Plan endorsement, ask them why.

Robert West

NOTE: All 2022 Endorsed Five Star Candidates