Voting in the Primary Election

Voting in the Primary Election

Voting in the Primary Election

Robert West | February 23, 2022

I was talking to JB the other day and he asked me to write an article on the importance of voting.  It was on his mind because he just finished a similar post at North Texas Reporter.

His article encourages candidates to get people to commit to voting as if they were post office workers delivering mail.  He spoke on how the weather can affect turnout which is why he thinks early voting is the best solution.

Now JB and I do not agree on everything, and I hesitate to vote early for a couple of reasons.

  • One reason is that new information, especially in a primary, could affect who I vote for in a race. I would hate to find out something about a candidate after I had early voted that would have changed my mind.  This doesn't happen often, but it has happened.
  • This year, many people have decided to wait until Election Day because they felt that early voting shows anyone wanting to commit fraud how many ballots they need. The reasoning goes that if only a few thousand votes are cast the fraudsters will only gin up a few hundred fake ballots. Then when millions show up on March 1st, the fraudsters will not have enough time to overcome the will of the people.

What JB and I both agree on is this, every eligible voter should be informed and should vote in EVERY election. Will it ever happen? Probably not.

This is the real world, things come up, life happens, and some people just don’t care but it is a nice goal.

Voting in This Primary Election

THIS year in THIS primary, it is not enough that you just vote. You need to get as many people as you can to the polls.

Across the planet we are seeing government overreach, riots and a tyrannical reaction to even the most peaceful of protests.

  • What happens if every public official in Canada, Australia and Europe is replaced in the next election?
  • What happens if every career politician in the US is replaced with a patriot?

When a peaceful replacement of petty tyrants happens, it serves as a warning to would-be tyrants of the future.

When we vote out the people that exceeded their authority it might very well prevent further problems such as protests and riots.

Our State and This Nation

Our state and this nation will not look the same in ten years if we sit home and do nothing.

We will sink further into mandates, lockdowns and tyranny. Or we will regain the freedoms we have lost in the last couple of years and reclaim many that have already been lost in the last 50 years.

It is up to you. This time around it is not up to how or if YOU vote though. 

It is up to how many others you get to the polls.

Unplug the TV, computer or game console and get your voting aged kids, spouse or parents to those polls.

Make a Plan

Make a plan with your friends to go vote as a group and then go do something else afterwards, like greet voters at polling stations.  Additional ideas can be found in my book.

  • Make sure you share your picks with friends and why these people are good.
  • Print out a list of people you want them to vote for and encourage them to use it.
  • You can also grab the Five Star endorsed candidate list for patriot recommendations.

This year, this primary might be the most important election ever.

People that ignore the constitution, exceed their authority and keep doing it for two years instead of two weeks are not people you need in office, or any office.

We the people need to send a clear message that we will not only vote but vote in huge numbers to fire our public SERVANTS that are acting like our masters.

We need to do this while we still can, before even voting is declared “non-essential” or simply ignored like our constitution.

Get your five to the Primary Elections and God bless Texas.

Robert West