The Five Star Plan is Available

The Five Star Plan is Available

The Five Star Plan is Available

Robert West Feb. 18, 2021

Finally, the Five Star Plan is available. All the work is done and now it is time to see what you think.

The forward is written by my Texas State Senator, Bob Hall.  Senator Hall is the hardest working state senators ever. 

The fact he found time to read my book, liked it enough to write a glowing review that became the forward is a real honor for me.

TFSP Additional Reviews

On the website you can see the reviews from Shelley Luther, Tracy Jones and State Representative Bryan Slaton.

If you are plugged into Texas Politics then at least one of those names should stand out, right?

If you’d like be part of TFPS review shares, email us, after you read the book and we’ll get you in the lineup.

This book is not complicated and explains basic things like what elected offices exist in Texas, what functions those offices serve and how and when to run for them.

Article One and Two of the Texas State Constitution is covered along with the sections that Governor Greg Abbott violated and what we can do about it as everyday voters right NOW.

A Handbook for New and Experienced Political Activists

The Five Star Plan is a handbook for new and experienced political activists.

There may be a lot that you already know but this book walks through all the material.

 So, the next time you hear “What can I do?” you can answer without forgetting important details.

My goal is to assist everyone in knowing enough to become a political party of one.

Reagan said, “None of us can do everything but all of us can do something.”

I honestly share the belief that if all of us row in a conservative direction it will get us closer to our goals.

Forming Groups and Cooperating

Forming groups and cooperating is even more effective but not all of us are cut out for that, this book tells you how one person can make a difference and how.

It also explains how groups can organize to make an impact where you live.

As a young man I enlisted in the military and took an oath to the Constitution. I would not have done that if I did not believe in that document.

As an older man I watched both my children graduate from boot camp and go off to serve.

So many people have sacrificed a lot for the ideals of this country and the great state of Texas.

  • This book is just another way to protect and refine what was given to me at birth.
  • This book gives people the knowledge and takes away the “I don’t know where to start” excuse off the table.

Get The Five Star Plan into the Hands of the People

Like any author, I want to get this book into as many hands as possible. The Texas 2022 Republican Primaries are very close and candidates will have to sign up in December of this year.

Patriots that are willing to step up and run will have to start planning a campaign and building a team before then.  This book can assist you in replacing career politicians.

There are a couple of things you can do to help with this:

  • Buy and read the book, The Five Star Plan
  • Share this article on your social media sites

I have a few thousand FB friends but only a handful see my posts. If you share this and ask others to do the same, it could make a huge difference.

Speaking at Groups

Besides writing this book and asking others to buy it I have one more thing to offer.

If any of you have a group, I would be happy to be your guest speaker.

My wife has hit on the novel idea that instead of speaker fees, we can sell your group a stack of books, but at a discount.

The more books, the bigger the discount. The group can hand them out to members or resell them.

The benefit, you get a speaker, the chance to turn a profit and help educate voters. What is more conservative than that?

Let’s get this book into the hands of the people.

The Five Star Plan is an active plan to drain the swamp in Texas.

There’s never been a better time to be involved in your local and state government. Get the Five Star Plan for yourself or your group and have a blessed day.

Robert West