Good News The Water is Fine

Good News The Water is Fine

There is a lot of great news this week. The Five Star Plan will be endorsing additional candidates to run for Texas State Representative.

We are currently awaiting images and details for three with another three in the works.

Collin County voters have taken over their County GOP.  As expected, the “old guard” has decided to take their bat and ball and go home.

The County Chair, along with many of his supporters are stepping down.

GOP and Grassroots of America

The GOP has seen fit to take me, a sitting GOP Precinct Chair, off of their newsletter so I am getting them via another chair.

My interview on “The Elephant Herd” was abruptly cancelled, so instead I'll be on “The Chad Prather Show” coming soon.

My invitation to speak at “Grassroots America” in Tyler was revoked by JoAnn Fleming. 

However, I will be speaking in Tyler for the “Texas Minority Coalition” at their State Convention.

Below you'll find the grassroots cancellation notice along with my reply.

It is important to note I was in Colorado City over a month ago before this was sent.

I have no team and no details as to what was said or when it was said. They were not provided and I was never contacted prior to this decision.

If I had any “disparaging remarks” about anyone I would share them with you now. 

Teresa is a former County Chair and current Precinct Chair; if I remember correctly her husband John is Executive Director for the GOP.

Jill Glover is an SREC member who I have had the pleasure of meeting during the push to outlaw child gender modification. 

Since then we have spoken on the phone and she has told me to keep doing what I’m doing.

So why are these cancellations under the heading “good news?”

Good News and Fine Water

You only get flak when you are over the target and they think you are a danger.

In keeping with that, “The Convention of States” hired me to do a Precinct Chair training recently in Georgetown.  

After the announcement went out and tickets were sold the GOP put on a precinct chair class in the same town. This was for the same day, an hour earlier than ours. 

We expected 25 but ended up with 41.

Change is happening across Texas; career politicians and the GOP elites are not happy.

 If you have not gotten involved up until now, come on in, the water is fine.

Robert West, The Five Star Plan