What Goals will Republicans Pursue Now?

What Goals will Republicans Pursue Now?

What Goals will Republicans Pursue Now

Robert West | Feb. 15, 2021

I was recently asked this question at work, “what goals will Republicans pursue now that Trump is out of office?”

As a rule, I focus on things I can change and long-term solutions.  The federal government has less of an effect on me than my County Judge or Governor.

Everyone I work with knows my political beliefs and I get asked a lot of questions. I see those as opportunities to strengthen like-minded opinions and to weaken or poke holes in opposing arguments.

This question caught me a bit off guard so I took a breath.   I respond to the thought that all Republicans think alike, about as well as I respond to the thought that "all" of any group think alike.

A Good Question to Think About

This is actually a really great question to think about. All of us naturally assume that what we think is sound conservative reasoning; should be shared by all conservatives.

This is a natural human inclination that has been proven false over and over again but for most of us it is still a default setting.

The other default is that if two of us share opposing views on a topic then one of us must be "right" and the other person "wrong.”

An example that most Christians deal with is the topic of mega churches.

Some people love the idea of huge crowds, large cathedrals, stage productions and sermons that reach and teach millions.

Other Christians cringe at this display of wealth; they feel it should be used to help the poor or fund missions. They dislike that it is used to put on a show and enrich pastors that cannot possibly minister to such a large flock.

You might recall watching two Christians debate this issue or have been in this debate yourself.

What if neither side is right or wrong?

What if it takes a neon lit church with an Elvis impersonator to get a lost lamb off the streets of Vegas into the presence of the Lord?

What if it takes a mega church to reach the homebound that would never attend the church on the street corner even if invited?

Because there might be a place in GOD's plan for these things, it does not change the fact that setting the individual example of how we live and minister one on one is more effective.

Both are essential for reaching as many people as possible.

I am more private about my faith but then again, I get to develop closer relationships with unbelievers. They quite often bring up religion with me on a regular basis.

I admit the glitz and show of a stage production or the ornate wealth of cathedrals offends me on a certain level. 

I have to remind myself that we all serve GOD every second of every day, even if it is just to serve as bad examples.

Back to the Question

So back to the question of, “what goals will Republicans pursue now that Trump is out of office?”

We will pursue what we have always pursued for the most part.

We are a diverse group though; you might want to first figure out what kind of Republican you are and what kind you are surrounded by and voting to elect.

Here are a few groups but feel free to add to the list.

The Rich - Focused on Economics

The rich who are focused on economics above all else. They think only the rich should run things because they know more about the economy than the poor or those that have never held a job or written a paycheck.

The Sports Fan

Then there is the sports fan, who would fail even a simple test on civics, beliefs or the constitution. These Republicans want their team to win and would support any candidate as long as that person could defeat the Democrat on election day.

Most of us love the idea that ANY Republican would be better than ANY Democrat, but at some level we have to admit that is a lie.

I have a County Clerk that is a Democrat and does her job according to the law. I cannot say the same for my Commissioners Court which are all Republicans.

The Monarchist

Monarchists are both Republicans and Democrats that like electing a President but think he should be a king and do whatever he wants, to include punishing “the other side.”

These Monarchists differ only is what and whose rights their king should trample.

If you support Governor Abbott's mandates that violate the Texas Constitution and are not actively opposing them, then you support a monarch over the constitution.

The Constitutionalist

The constitutionalist and there are plenty of Republican voters that think we should follow the constitution as written. They just want to be left alone with their freedoms and rights intact.

My Answer to the question...

So, I can only answer for myself as a Republican office holder.

  • I want the same freedoms the Founders listed in the Constitution.
  • I want a government so small that it cannot pick winners and losers so there is little reason for people to bribe them.
  • I want my public SERVANTS to act more like servants and less like masters.

I wish to remove the professional political class so that regular people rotate through these elected positions fast before they become corrupt.

For those that become corrupt instantly, I wish they be voted out so they do not remain in office to build greater power and influence.

Call it cynical or call it experience but voters are just ants in a jar being shaken by those in office, in both parties.

We tear each other apart instead of realizing those doing the shaking are the enemy and we out number them by millions to one.

Decide what kind of Republican you are and decide what issues you want to change. Then determine how you can reach those goals today and next week.

You can run for a local, state or federal office even if it’s just to learn more and give your neighbors another choice.

Think about how great it would be to get up and speak about what you believe and share those ideas with others even if you lose.  

Many times, your opponents will steal your ideas.  Even if you lose and some of your ideas get stolen and put into effect, you have made a difference.

You might never gain an office or get credit but if your ideas are good, you will hear them being echoed and that is a victory.

Robert West