Abbott's Unconstitutional Mandates to Censure Part 8

Abbott's Unconstitutional Mandates to Censure Part 8

Abbott's Unconstitutional Mandates to Censure #8

Robert West | April 22, 2021

When I point out Governor Abbotts violations, some people have taken offense. 

The idea that I would link our governor's name to Mao, Lenin, Stalin and Castro, do sound harsh.

I did this in relation to outlawing church services and to a lesser extent with house arrest disguised as quarantine.

This time around I am linking it to not allowing people to peaceably assemble.

But remember, I didn’t put Abbott’s name on that list, he did that when he decided to violate his oath of office.

The Texas Constitution Section 27:

Sec. 27. RIGHT OF ASSEMBLY; PETITION FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. The citizens shall have the right, in a peaceable manner, to assemble together for their common good; and apply to those invested with the powers of government for redress of grievances or other purposes, by petition, address or remonstrance.

To Peaceably Assemble

Now the wording is a bit old school but that last word “remonstration” is just “demonstration.”

If I were to show up in Austin with 20,000 upset voters, the press would notice and the government might even pay attention, this is our RIGHT.

When people seize power, that they have no right to, they can be called tyrants.

People that are tyrants don’t like it when people call them one and most tyrants will say they only use such powers for innocent and pure purposes.

All tyrants seek to keep people from complaining so that others that do not approve, think they’re alone.

Mandate Outlawing Gatherings

When Abbott issued the mandate outlawing gatherings of more than 10 people, he had to know he did not have that power.

I have often said, he has no honor because an honorable man keeps his word.

I have never called him an idiot.  An Idiot would be a huge step up in my opinion.

A true idiot can do wrong without even knowing it was wrong.

When Abbott issued his mandate that said, "all gatherings greater than 10 were illegal unless you have prior permission from the County Judge" he knew it was wrong.

He knew if the government could limit gatherings to 10 that no “remonstration” would get any real press coverage.

Any people gathering in such small numbers could be labeled as fools and malcontents and that few would even bother.

He also knew that if the government could limit such gatherings to 10, they could in the future, limit them to 9 or 1.

County Judge, Chris Hill’s Declaration

Congratulations to the Collin County Judge, Chris Hill who issued this declaration:

“WHEREAS, on July 2, 2020, Governor Greg Abbott issued a Proclamation amending Executive Order GA-28, which mandates that any outdoor gathering in excess of 10 people is prohibited unless the county judge approves of the gathering;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Chris Hill, County Judge of Collin County, Texas, do hereby declare that, pursuant to Governor Abbott’s Proclamation dated July 2, 2020, Collin County citizens are permitted to have outdoor gatherings in excess of 10 people. Ordered this 2nd day of July, 2020.”

Hats off to Judge Hill, he is now on the list of “Five Star Candidates.”

Marks of Tyrant in the Making

  • Closing down churches and bars is where the American Revolution began.
  • Outlawing gathering of more than ten.
  • Forcing people to stand 6 feet apart.
  • Mandating you wear a mask in public.
  • Making sure the in-person Republican Convention would get cancelled so he would not get booed when appearing on stage.

These are all marks of a tyrant in the making, these are all things Governor Abbott declared.

February CPAC and Governor Abbott

In February at CPAC, the people were asked who should be the next Republican nominee for President. Mitt Romney polled higher than Greg Abbott.

This is kind of like being beat out by Danny Bonaduce for a “Great Life Choices” award.

People around Abbott wailed and gnashed their teeth at the unfairness.

They said, “If only we had brought more Texans, he would have done better."

The elephant in the room, if you will excuse the mascot reference, was that a third of the people at CPAC were from Texas.

Abbott got an entire .02% when 33% of those in attendance were Texas conservatives.

Abbott has a nice war chest, it’s useless without voters.  

We need to seriously consider the best choice for governor in the Republican Primaries.

Next up, Equal Rights

The next installment of this series is “equal rights.”

No, not based on really anything so superficial as where you are from, skin color or if you are an outie or an innie.

We will be talking about a broader kind of equal rights. The kind they wrote down when they penned the Texas Constitution.

Until then, feel free to buy my book “The Five Star Plan.”

Begin by sharing it with others and use it to push what you believe, prove what you know is right and take your place as a “public” over those “servants.”

Robert West

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