Abbott's Unconstitutional Mandates to Censure Part 6

Abbott's Unconstitutional Mandates to Censure Part 6

Abbott's Unconstitutional Mandates Part 6

Robert West | April 15, 2021

For whatever reason the founders of Texas took the right to visit the beach more seriously than college kids at spring break.

It must have been for fishing or perhaps trade, it’s very clear that our beaches should never be closed.

Sec. 33. PUBLIC ACCESS TO AND USE OF PUBLIC BEACHES. (a) In this section, "public beach" means a state-owned beach bordering on the seaward shore of the Gulf of Mexico, extending from mean low tide to the landward boundary of state-owned submerged land, and any larger area extending from the line of mean low tide to the line of vegetation bordering on the Gulf of Mexico to which the public has acquired a right of use or easement to or over the area by prescription or dedication or has established and retained a right by virtue of continuous right in the public under Texas common law.

(b) The public, individually and collectively, has an unrestricted right to use and a right of ingress to and egress from a public beach. The right granted by this subsection is dedicated as a permanent easement in favor of the public.

(c) The legislature may enact laws to protect the right of the public to access and use a public beach and to protect the public beach easement from interference and encroachments.

(d) This section does not create a private right of enforcement.

Abbott’s Violations are Racking up

Did Abbott close the public beaches no matter how briefly? Then once again, he violated the Texas State Constitution.

If this was the only violation of his oath to office then I might be inclined to let it pass.

But remember we have already covered 6 violations with 4 more to go.

When does ignoring your oath and the state constitution become too much for anyone who believes in limited government?

This last year our Republican governor did just that with a string of violations.

If this man is wearing your brand you should give back the shirt.

Setting up Business and who is Protecting you

If you were setting up a business with a choice between a public beach or state park you might have decided that beaches were a better location.

After all, it says right there in the Texas Constitution that the public has unrestricted access and they can’t be closed.

Of course, that was before we learned that Greg Abbott ignores the constitution, our Bill of Rights and that your legislature will not protect you.

You might have even learned your sheriff or county judge will join in.

This only leaves one layer of government to protect you and it’s a thin layer, your County and Precinct Chairs.

Who can Censure Governor Abbott?

Both political parties have the power to censure members of their own party.

14 Counties have already censured over Greg Abbott’s unconstitutional mandates with more on the way.

The complete list is available on our resource page along with step by step instructions on how to present this action to your county and precinct chairs.

If your county is already on that list then reach out to surrounding counties and do the same.

There is no excuse to ignore this kind of government overreach. 

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 Robert West