How to Get Involved with Your Commissioners Court

How to Get Involved with Your Commissioners Court

How to Get Involved in Commissioners Court

Robert West | November 6, 2022

Commissioners Court is where I had to inform the elected what “Me Public” and “You Servant” means. This was a few years back when I lived in Delta County.  Later I was asked by the Republican County Chair who was at that meeting if I would be interested in filling an empty precinct chair position.

This court is where a large portion of your tax dollars is spent every year. When you get your property taxes know a portion of those taxes is being spent by this court.

You can attend these meetings to see where your tax dollars are being spent and you can share your opinions normally at the beginning in an open forum. 

You can also go online and compare yearly budgets to see where they are increasing and decreasing funds, it will answer a lot of questions about where you live and how things are being implemented.

How to Find your Commissioner’s Court

Across Texas these meetings will be held at different times and on different dates. Smaller counties may meet once a month, others twice a week and some weekly. A majority will all be held the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 9am.

We’re going to use Smith County as an example because Michael Kenzie put together a page called “Homeland Owners Association” this is a helpful resource for their commissioner’s court and city council meetings.

Be sure to look at it even if you are not in Smith County because he might be willing to create one for your area if you ask. This is an awesome gadget and Precinct Chair Bob Brewer has put together a video to show you how easy it is to use.

Contact: Michael Kenzie at or email direct at

Speaking at Commissioner's Court

Bob attends his commissioner’s court every week and he makes sure to sign up and share his thoughts on matters within Smith County.

The next video is from last month, October 2022.  His focus is centered around the first sentence in US law. As our Founders agreed to its intent… “no human laws should be suffered to contradict these.”

In addition, the commissioner’s court is who decides how funds are spent on the election process in each precinct.  They vote to spend millions of dollars on voting machines that are funded by your tax dollars. 

If you want to help get paper ballots implemented use this checklist to get started. It is my wish this information will activate you and others to get involved with what is happening in commissioners’ court. 

Just do a Google search for your county commissioners court to find out when their next meeting will be held.

Robert West