Picking a Side in Politics

Picking a Side in Politics

Picking a Side in Politics

Robert West | September 26, 2022

“All truth comes from GOD. All lies come from Satan. Pick a side”

Recently I have been hearing a lot of lies and seeing a lot of hypocrisy. We are all guilty of such from time to time and often we do not even realize it.

Examples of Lies

“If you do not vote, that is the same as a vote for the “other side.” This is a lie.

Correct me if I am wrong but if I,

  1. Vote for candidate “A” that candidate gets +1.
  2. Vote for candidate “B” that candidate gets +1.
  3. Do not vote, neither candidate gets +1.

Now if a million people declare they are not going to vote, how many votes total go to either candidate? That would be ZERO.

If you are supporting candidate “A”, would you rather me not vote at all or cast a vote for “B”? If they are the same you would not care, so they are not the same.

I cannot tell you how often I have gone through this with otherwise honest, logical people and their response is “O.K. maybe it is only HALF a vote for “B”.

Nope, another lie. “B” does not get +.5 when I skip that election.

Symptom of Saying what Feels True

Why take up so much time on such a simple issue? Because it is a symptom. 

A symptom of saying what “feels” true, what you “want” to be true but that you know is not true. In other words, a lie.

Here's another one, “All Politicians Lie.”

That is true if you are saying all humans lie at some point. If you are saying that all politicians lie as a matter of course, then that itself is another lie.

I know good politicians that do not make a habit of lying, they are the exceptions, but they exist.

Why do people spread this lie? It is an excuse to not hold their public servants to any standard when it comes to honesty. You cannot defend supporting a person that lies every time it suits them unless there are no alternatives and they “all” do it.

You cannot love and support a dishonest politician, but you do because “the other side is worse”. By saying “ALL politicians are dishonest” it makes it so you can ignore it when your candidate lies to your face over and over again.

Stop saying “ALL politicians lie.” It makes every politician equally honest/dishonest and means that none of them need ever care about being honest again.

Women and The Party in Power

“Women's Issues” There are no women's issues when it comes to politics. Not one. 

If you have a mother, sister, daughter or wife, what “issue” would affect them that would not affect you?

Conversely there are no “men’s issues”

“The Party in Power” We the People should always be the only ones in power, spreading the lie that a political party is in power makes it so even the worst ones still get cheered when they run out onto the field with the rest of the team.

“A bad Republican is better than a good Democrat” That is a lie, a bad Republican is a Democrat most of the time.

Google search, “elected officials CONVICTED of pedophilia” Now tell me that every Democrat in America that is not on this list is worse than the Republicans that are on it.

What if a week before an election you caught your favorite Republican candidate abusing a child?  Would you keep your mouth shut so the “other side” did not win?

What if it was your child?

More Lies and Hypocrisy

“Often you need to vote for the lesser of two evils” No, I do not. I refuse to vote for evil.

“Sending illegals to sanctuary places only exposes liberal hypocrisy”

Nope, it exposes conservative hypocrisy as well.

Seeing people that say they welcome illegals kick those illegals out of their community is satisfying at some level I will admit but using our tax dollars to transport people that entered the country illegally is wrong if the destination is not OUTSIDE our country.

Here’s another that I hear often, “There is no point in trying to fix things, GOD has it all figured out”

That is a lie and an excuse to do nothing. 

GOD does have it all figured out and quite often he puts us exactly where we need to be in order to fix things but acting is up to us.

GOD does not call on us to turn away from challenges, submit to evil or give up and do nothing. There is a being in the Bible that wants us to live in fear, surrender the world to evil and be more polite than righteous but it is not GOD.

All truth comes from GOD, all lies come from Satan. Pick a side.

Robert West