Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Endorsement for CD23

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Endorsement for CD23

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Endorsement for CD23

Robert West | March 13, 2024

On March 4th of 2023 the Republican Party of Texas passed a formal censure of Congressman Tony Gonzales. You can see their press release here.

According to the Press release this was only the second time in 150 years that this has happened (Dade Phelan’s censure happened later).

On March 11th of 2024 Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick showed all of Texas exactly what he thinks of the Republican Party of Texas by endorsing Congressman Gonzales in the Republican Party primary runoff against Brandon Herrera.

Now you may think this article will be a rant against Dan Patrick, but you would be wrong. This kind of arrogance is a symptom, not the disease.

What this article is about is asking the Republican Party of Texas a simple question, what is your response?

16 Counties Censured & State Convention

You had 16 counties inside Gonzales district censure the man for siding with the Democrats on gun control and open borders, now you have the most powerful person in state politics (LT. GOV. DAN) openly ignoring the will of the Party. When a person sides with a man, that sides with Democrats, what do you call him?

My first thought was that the SREC, along with the Chairman, will do nothing. Then I remembered, the state convention is coming up.

I am calling on every GOP county in Texas to call a CEC meeting and decide where you stand, or if you are willing to stand for anything. Let your SRECs know what you decide and what you expect from them. Ask Dan Patrick to withdraw his endorsement of Gonzales.

If the SREC Does Nothing

If the SREC does nothing in response to this insult, then we drain our own swamp. 

I know and have known a lot of SREC members, for the most part, I am unimpressed. Much like the politicians they are supposed to hold accountable, too many care more for the office than the job.

The convention is coming up, the Chair, Vice Chair and SRECs are all up for a vote.  If your SREC refuses to act, then step up and offer yourself as a candidate for the position. 

You will be in a room with fellow delegates, it is not very large.  Last time about half the people there had never attended a convention and many party offices changed hands.

The Largest Turnover in 150 Years

Folks, we just saw the largest Texas House turnover in 150 years. Between the retirements, the outright primary wins and the primary runoffs we will have more patriots than ever before being sworn in.

No more one, or two, or five conservatives against the establishment. Texas voters did their part, now do yours. Make sure the politicians follow the will of the party and dance with them that brought ‘em.

More importantly, make sure the party follows the will of the delegates, and the counties.

Currently we have more precinct chairs filled than at any time in the past 20 years. We have county committees standing up to their autocratic County Chairs and doing the right thing more and more. 

We have primary challengers filling precinct seats that have been empty for decades.  Regular people are running against incumbents and winning.

Two of the three censures ever passed by the state party have happened in the last two years and I am proud to say I helped. This is the time, here is your line in the sand, will you step across?

Robert West