Medina County Censures Congressman Tony Gonzales

Medina County Censures Congressman Tony Gonzales

Medina GOP Censures Congressman Tony Gonzales

Robert West | February 8, 2023

I was contacted by Medina County Chair, Julie Clark earlier today.  Their CEC has passed a formal censure on February 7, 2023, of Congressman Tony Gonzales.

This censure exceeded the 2/3 votes needed to pass.  

What does that tell you, they want this guy out and along with Julie I want to encourage every county he represents to follow suit. 

Tony Gonzales represents District 23 and it covers the southern border of Texas.  If Tony is your congressman get with your CEC and ask them to take a vote.

You can use Medina's censure as an example to present to your precinct or county chair.

Linked below are the tools for this censure from the GOP and Medina County. Notice when you visit their website that they actually have a link in their menu for censure.  

Censure is the only tool we have to hold the elected accountable.  The question you need to be asking is, "why isn't the Texas GOP talking about it?"

Robert West