Robert and Carole West Endorse Alicia Davis HD21

Robert and Carole West Endorse Alicia Davis HD21

Primary Election 2024

Press Release, Alicia Davis

I'm beyond excited to announce that Robert and Carole West of The Five Star Plan have chosen to endorse me and my campaign for State Representative of HD21. 

They too are deep rooted conservative Texans and true American Patriots just like you and me.  The West's have devoted so much of their lives leading a legendary grassroots effort to educate and inspire regular folks to get active in our government so that "We the People" can take the reins back from an overreaching and overgrown government.

If you're tired of your voice not being heard, tired of being taxed into poverty, tired of career politicians that do not honor their oath, our constitution and its limits, tired of no representation for the real people of HD21 and want someone just like you who cannot be bought to represent them, not a career politician, then Regulators, mount up! 

Vote in the 2024 Primary Election to send me to Austin to be your voice. I refuse to be silenced in this battle for our life, liberty and property.

Thank you,

Alicia Davis

State Representative for House District 21

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