Robert and Carole West Endorse Julie Clark CD23

Robert and Carole West Endorse Julie Clark CD23

Primary Election 2024

Press Release from Julie Clark:

I’m delighted to announce that Robert and Carole West have endorsed my candidacy to serve as a fighter for We the People in Congress!

Robert West is a Navy veteran and author of The Five Star Plan. Robert and Carol have led an incredible grassroots effort to inspire and equip Americans to play an active role in government as citizen legislators so that our experiment in self-governance as a Constitutional Republic perseveres!

Robert and Carole West shared the following statement:

"It is our honor to endorse Julie Clark for Congress, District 23. Julie is a patriot, not a politician. Julie is everything I speak and write about, a citizen-legislator who loves our nation enough to step forward, fix a few problems and go back to private life. She has a proven track record in fixing issues at the county level and is now ready to tackle D.C. Please join us in supporting her in any way you can."

I’m deeply honored to have Robert and Carole’s endorsement. I am also grateful for their work in encouraging everyday Americans to get involved so that we have representatives addressing the pressing issues of our times.

From our rampant national debt to the crisis on the southern border, America will not survive as a sovereign nation unless there are elected officials who will put service before self!

Robert is right. We need citizen warriors who care deeply about the future of our nation rather than self-serving career politicians!

Send me to Congress to be the warrior that Texas is in desperate need of by supporting my campaign today.

Thank you!

Julie Clark For CD23

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