Angelina County Votes to Censure Dade Phelan

Angelina County Votes to Censure Dade Phelan

PRESS RELEASE June 9, 2023

Angelina County, Texas CEC

NOTE: Attached is the written Censure Example from Angelina County

Phelan Written Censure Here

Lufkin, TX – On Thursday June 8, 2023, the Angelina County Republican Party passed a Resolution for Censure of Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan.  List of violations include abuse of power in awarding nine House Committee chairmanships to democrats in February, killing the Border Security Act, being intoxicated while in session and bringing impeachment charges against AG Ken Paxton without due process as retribution for Paxton calling for Phelan's resignation for his inebriated state on the House floor.

The resolution notes each appointment was made in defiance of the established priority of the Republican Party of Texas, who mandated the majority-Republican Texas Legislature end the practice of awarding committee chair positions to Democrats.

The nine individual Democrat committee chair appointments by Speaker Phelan are nine separate violations of Texas Republican Party Legislative Priority number five, “Ban Democrat Chairs.”

Also cited in the resolution are multiple violations of Texas Republican Party core principles by Speaker Phelan, resulting from his multiple appointments of Democrat Party representatives to Texas House committee chair positions, his killing of the Border Security Unit Act on objection by a Democrat Party representative, his intoxication while in session and his bringing retaliatory impeachment charges against Attorney General Ken Paxton without due process.

The Angelina County Republican Party resolved to prepare and transmit an official copy to the State Party Chairman and requests the State Republican Executive Committee concur in the resolution.