From What Can I Do, To What Is It Like

From What Can I Do, To What Is It Like

From What I Can do, to What it is Like

Robert West | June 30, 2021

I sat down, thought out and wrote, “The Five Star Plan” because people kept asking me “What can I do?”

My wife kept after me to write a book because she figured if that many people were asking, then it had to be a common question.

I sat down and went through American and Texas history. I thought about who did the best job in elected office, compared to who did the worst. What emerged to me is that I could find very few career politicians in the last 20 years that I admired.

Almost all my political heroes were people that had never been elected, or they were elected to only one or two minor offices. 

The people that I had on my list as heroes during their first or second term, often fell off that list in their third or fourth terms.

The Five Star Plan for Voters

The Five Star Plan set out to let voters know they hold all the power to change things if they will only use it. 

It sets out to prove that by targeting something large enough to impress (Texas) but not something that overwhelms. (The U.S.)

It would be easy to believe that events created the ideal conditions to test this theory. Texas endured a loss of rights and freedoms at the hands of a Republican governor that ignored the Texas Constitution.

At the same time, our Democrat President ignores the U.S. Constitution to issue executive orders in historic quantity and scope. While an overwhelming majority of both Democratic and Republican VOTERS in Texas support an end to taxpayer funded lobbying, 100% of county governments support it.

You don’t have to fly to DC to find politicians that ignore the will of the people, you don’t even have to drive to Austin. 

You can go to the next Commissioners Court and ask them how much they save each year because taxpayer funded lobbyists give them health insurance cheaper than any of us, mere voters, can buy it.

Cleaning Up Texas Politics

At the very time of writing my book, I wanted to focus on cleaning up Texas Politics. 

Right now, conservatives have no real say in DC; this means federal issues are less of a distraction.

My wife and I do not have an organization, fame or a giant pile of campaign money. We only have what all of you have, a brain, a heart and a love for this country.

Any of you can do as much or better for our state, and thus our nation.

What is it Like?

Where is all this going you ask? Since my wife and I have launched the website, published the book, travelled around giving speeches, we have started to get another question.

“What is it like?” What is it like to have a book out or to meet a certain person or to speak in front of crowds?

So just to help out it is a bit scary. I had never written a book before so after putting in several months’ worth of work I sent it off to the five best known, honest and conservative people I knew.

I have been in some pretty scary situations, but I have to say, waiting for those reviews topped most of them. When they all came back positive, I was relieved and thought “Okay, if they like it then most people will like it as well.”

I still had visions of people demanding their money back, just not as many.

Since the book has been out, we have gotten a lot of reviews from readers. We did not start out asking for these reviews, but we have posted everyone so far.

The only two bad reviews were from people that had not actually read the book so if you don’t count those, we are running 100% positive.

I am to the point now where I can say, “I did good.” Babe Ruth said, “It ain’t braggin if it’s true.”

It still feels a bit like bragging though.

What is it Like to Speak?

“What is it like to speak with…” This is easy for me. I have worked on rich people's planes for 30 years, so I have met some of the richest men in the world.

If you want to be treated well by billionaires and kings, just be the guy working on the airplane they fly in with their families.

Many of these people might be complete jerks but I would never know, they were never anything less than kind to me and my crews. 

So, meeting the rich and powerful or famous is just another day for me but it is a bit odd to have their numbers and have them call you back themselves.

Speaking in front of crowds is something that I’m still getting used to. I always fear that I’ll leave something out or get something wrong. It happens, but since nobody knows what I am aiming for in a speech, how would they know I forgot anything?

I don’t get nervous, but I do treat it with the respect it deserves. If people come to hear a message from me then I need to make it worth their time. I hate to waste anyone's time.

When People say Negative Things About you?

Lastly, “What is it like when people say negative things to you or about you?” It’s not that much different than real life.

There are always going to be jerks in every group. If I find one without a jerk, I figure it must be me.

There are people that say the plan will not work, that we are out to cash in or that we are doing this so I can run for office in the future.

If I did not think TFSP would work, I would not be taking time off work and turning down higher paying jobs to push it. Anyone that thinks what I am doing is to make money should try it and see what gas costs these days.

As far as it being a sneaky way to run for office? I might run for office in the future but for right now and all the way to 2024, this project is the most I can do for my state and ultimately for my country.

If anything changes, I will let you know.

So, I invite you to check out the blog, buy the book and contact me to speak for your group. 

Within 2 hours of Cooper, TX there’s no charge and past that we are only looking to break even on mileage/hotel.

I have a good paying job and if things get really tight, I can always pull a bit of overtime. 

You will never see a donation button on the website, but you may see ads only to promote the book.  The Five Star Plan Book is my focus because I know this plan will work.

I hope this answers most questions but if not send them in.

Robert West