Greg Abbott Literally Sold us Out

Greg Abbott Literally Sold us Out

Greg Abbott Literally Sold Us Out

Robert West | November 10, 2021

Texas SB8 was sent to Governor Abbott’s desk on the 26th of October. 

The bill accepts $16.3 billion dollars in Covid relief money, along with the strings, ropes and chains that come with them.

According to the contract, Abbott agreed Texas must obey any rule, regulation or executive order the federal government issues in relation to those funds.

Not only is Texas subject to all of these rules along with any entity that receives them but Texas is also the primary means to enforce such rules on the recipients according to the contract.

Read Rules of Compliance

You can see these rules for yourself at Interim Final Rule. These terms include statutes, regulations and executive orders.

NOTE: Interim does not mean final, so agreeing to something that is not complete is normally a very bad idea.

The US government, not content with a defined list of requirements, included this on pg. 3, Section 9:

“recipients also agree to comply with all other applicable federal statutes, regulations and executive orders and recipients shall provide for such compliance by other parties in any agreements it enters into with other parties relating to this award.”

So, Texas not only has agreed to follow whatever the federal government decides is applicable, it agrees to be the enforcement agent for any recipient of those funds.

Greg Abbott Literally has sold us out.

Paxton Sounded the Alarm

Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, sounded the alarm on October 15th about these requirements, eleven days before the bill reached Abbott’s desk.

This means Greg Abbott was aware of this warning. He understood what allowing this law to go into effect would mean to Texas and to Texans.

Rather than vetoing the bill, he signed it into law.

Mr. Paxton’s warning of “contract-like instruments” including executive orders to be enforced as law in a contract, has serious constitutional questions both at the state and federal level.

Citizens of Texas Compliance

The federal government extracts taxes from the citizens of Texas. As a condition of receiving it back as aid it then demands they surrender all pretense of constitutional government?

As $7.2 billion of these funds are to be used to pay back the unemployment fund, are those people who received unemployment considered “recipients?”

  • Are Texans who received unemployment benefits from the state required to abide by all of these "requirements”
  • Does the state of Texas bear the responsibility of ensuring they comply?

If Texans Refuse to Comply

If these Texans refuse to comply, are they required to pay back all or a portion of those funds?

Does this also comply with businesses that might have received such aid?

We have a Democratic President that has issued executive orders in unprecedented numbers and with sweeping scope.

We have a Republican governor that has done the same. Greg Abbott has sold us out.

Too many County Judges in Texas assumed the role of tyrant when given the chance.

Thanks to "Texas Right to Know" for contacting me about this.

Brady, Texas, along with 70 other communities have turned down these funds and the strings that come with them. 

You need to let your county and city know that these funds are bait for a federal attempt to control every aspect of your lives, to include the vaccination status of every citizen.

Learn more about what you can do to change Texas government.  Get my book, The Five Star Plan.  Read it and activate the plan. 

Robert West