Texas and the House of Cards

Texas and the House of Cards

Texas and the House of Cards

Robert West | March 10, 2024

For those of you that have read, “The Five Star Plan” the establishment defeats and infighting should not come as a surprise. The last three years have been a wild ride.

When we started putting TFSP into action most GOP Precinct Chairs across Texas were empty or filled with people that were cowards or cronies. Many of these people were either too scared or too connected to ever hold an elected official accountable, let alone vote against an incumbent.

In the first year we assisted in getting over a dozen GOP counties to pass censures against Greg Abbott for his unconstitutional mandates and lock downs, that had never happened in the History of Texas.

In the last 150 years only four times has the State GOP voted to pass a censure at the state level and we have been involved with two of those efforts, US Congressman Tony Gonzales and Speaker of the House, Dade Phelan; both are in runoffs.

For the people that told me “Censures does nothing,” you were wrong and for those that told me “Censures are a waste of time,” you were wasting mine.

Between the incumbents that resigned because of censure or the threat of censure, those defeated in the primary and those that will lose their runoffs, Texas will see the largest turnover of legislators in 150 years.

Swamps are caused by a lack of fresh water flowing through them, Austin and DC show this to be the case. It is also the case with the political parties.

Attending Party Conventions

Texas Republicans are cleaning up the GOP and the largest political gathering in the world is about to take place, the Texas GOP Convention. If you are a voter and did not vote in the last Democratic Primary Election, you are invited to be a delegate, representing your family, your friends, yourself, state and nation.

How do you become a delegate to convention? Simple, where you voted there was a posting of the time, date and place of your “Precinct Convention.” Your Step is to attend that gathering. Some of these conventions may have already taken place others will be within the next couple of weeks.”  Reach out to your County Chair for details.

This is your chance to put forward ideas that you would like to see become law. These “resolutions” are voted on at the precinct convention along with who will be sent to the “County Convention.”

The GOP across Texas has not done a great job of getting people to those conventions. You can assign ignorance, sloth or hubris to this situation, but the cause does not matter; the solution is simple, you show up.

Bring your friends, relatives, family and neighbors, anyone within your voting precinct. Showing up with a dozen people means you have the votes to send whom you want to the County Convention and to send your new ideas to that same convention.

When you get to the County Convention, they weed through the ideas other precincts have sent in and they select which representatives will be sent to the state convention.

This year the GOP convention will be in San Antonio and if you have never been around 5,000 or so conservatives it is quite the experience.

Delegates at State Convention

At the state convention you will get to vote on who holds offices within the party. You will select a State Chair, Vice Chair and two people to represent your State Senatorial District on the SREC for the next two years. On top of that, because this is a presidential election cycle you will vote on who to send as delegates to the national convention. This person will be the one voting on who will be our nominee for President; I have a pretty good idea of who it will be.

If you are a Texas Democrat and reading this for some reason, the same holds true. Only Democrats can clean up the Democratic Party just as only Republicans can clean up the Republican Party. Screaming at each other, even when we agree, only helps the career politicians who are working together to keep us divided.

Can’t we all just get along? Nope! There are things I will not compromise on and there are things you will not compromise on. It is called “values, “neither of us should budge on what we think is right, welcome to a republican form of government.

Who Gets the Credit

So, who gets the credit for kicking so many Texas politicians to the curb and replacing them with patriots? Not me, I spoke to thousands of people, wrote a couple of books and my wife did an amazing job talking people into running for office, so we helped.

Abbott, Paxton and Sid Miller? No doubt it helps campaigns to have big names like that show up with a stack of cash, but not everyone they helped won and not everyone they ignored lost.

How about the counties passing censures and votes of no confidence? Again, it does not work every time, especially if other counties are too lazy, cowardly or filled with cronies to the point they do not join the effort.

The credit goes, as it always should, to the voters, they are responsible for replacing politicians with patriots. The credit also goes to those brave souls that stepped up to give them another option.

The Fallen House of Cards

Now that the house of cards has fallen and you can see that even The Speaker of the House of Texas or a US Congressman can be censured and forced into a runoff it is time to get busy.

You only have two years to get ready for the next primary. If you want to run for The Texas Senate or House and you have never held office before, contact me now. Time is short and those politicians will be giving victory speeches soon, which is also their first reelection speech.

The special elections between patriots and politicians will be taking place soon. Nothing stops you from picking up the phone to help work in those runoffs. Money is pouring in from out of state to prop up the incumbents but if you can make a dozen calls you might just decide who wins or loses these races, even in other districts.

To the State GOP of Texas, thank you for passing censure against the Speaker after county GOP committees representing more than half the population of the state asked. Now try to pick up the pace so that you do this BEFORE the cutoff to run for office and BEFORE all the big money pours in for the person being censured.

Also, thanks to the four (soon to be former) SRECs that voted against it, it is important to remember that almost anyone can get elected to these positions and that we can do much better than incumbent boot lickers.

Robert West