How to File For Precinct Chair

How to File For Precinct Chair

Due to recent questions and concerns about Precinct Chair positions I’m taking a minute here to talk about filling dates and requirements.

Please do not take anyone's word for filing dates and requirements.

  • Check on the Texas Secretary of States website.
  • On that website, click "Elections" then "Candidate Information"
  • Then seek, "2022 candidates guide-running for state, district or county office"
  • Then view, "Filing for County or Precinct chair of a political party holding a primary election in 2022"
  • There you will get the correct and current legal information.

For Those Recently Appointed

If you have been or will be appointed this year you still need to file this paperwork to run.

If no one else files you win by default but at the end of the term you were appointed there is no requirement to re-appoint you or anyone else to that position.

Thank you to everyone that has stepped up this year and to everyone that has helped fill these empty seats.

Precinct Chair Positions

Precinct Chairs are the closest elected officials to the voters. Every other elected official is further from the voter.

We don't want all this momentum to be blunted by misunderstandings or dishonesty so check that website and file those forms.

Also note, use my resources page it's loaded with helpful links and updated often.

The window for Precinct Chair positions opened on Sept. 14 and closes on Dec 1, 2021.  The next window to sign up is January 15th - February 12, 2022.

GOD bless you all and GOD bless Texas

Robert West, The Five Star Plan