How to Organize Your Voting Precinct

How to Organize Your Voting Precinct

How to Organize your Voting Precinct

Robert West | November 11, 2022

How do you organize your voting precinct and can you do it without being elected? Of course, you do not need permission to do good, ever.

When a precinct is engaged with voters and you have an active team getting new people involved this is how we turn things around.

This is how we get empty precinct chairs filled, find new candidates, and find people to work the voting polls. It takes regular people like you and me.

No party, no elected person and no specific group is going to fix things for you. It is going to take doing at least one thing daily or weekly depending on your schedule.

The First Thing You Can Do

The first thing you can do is find out if your precinct chair where you live is filled or empty. You can get the links on my resources page, ask your County Clerk, or go on the Secretary of State website under “elections” and look it up there.

I do not care if you are a Republican or Democrat, every precinct chair across Texas should be filled with regular people in both parties. Many Democratic and Republican voters feel as if their party does not listen to or represent them and filling these precinct chairs is one way to make your party look more like you, exactly like you.

It is a disgrace that our Texas GOP has failed to make party growth a priority. It is no surprise that the Democrat party could not make quorum at their own state convention.

People are fed up with both parties and voting for the lesser of two evils. If this was not true, then we would see a much larger turnout at our elections.

I have been speaking at events on this subject since my book came out, The Five Star Plan. Then I started a podcast, allowing me to speak directly to everyone who wants to improve things.

The Second Thing to Do

For the people who want to make a difference and improve things my trainings are for you. They are for people who want to learn and lead with integrity.

How do you get my training?  Reach out and schedule it here.

The time to begin is now. I get it, the holidays are here but your country and freedoms are slipping away. Do you really want to wait until it’s gone to stand up and do the right thing?

I don’t know how much time we have left before it is beyond repair, but we are not there yet. It is up to you to take the next step. If you have a plan share it, if you have a goal work towards that, but if you need those things then begin with my books. 

Robert West