A Call to Action

A Call to Action

A Call to Action to Precinct Chairs

Richard Womack | July 6, 2022

November 4th, 2020, was a wakeup call. Like many in the nation, I went to sleep knowing Trump won, then mysteriously, the election changed overnight at 3 AM.

A few days later I was diagnosed with Covid and thanks to Dr. Richard Bartlett, I knew what to do when the clinic told me to go home and wait until I had to go to the hospital.

For a while, I took it on myself to spread the news about the preventatives that were being censored on how to treat Covid.

Then in April 2021, we attended the first Clay Clark event in Tulsa and met with many likeminded patriots. I took this as a call to action to get involved in more ways than just the Covid preventatives and treatments.

In August 2021, I went to a Cooke County Conservatives meeting with Sid Miller as guest speaker. I was intrigued by some of his comments and saw that the state government was in just as bad of shape as the national government.

In September 2021, we had an opportunity to go to another Clay Clark event in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This one was different; we saw several hundred patriots accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

The Call Began Growing

The call to action started growing in other ways.

In October 2021, we got to see and speak with Allen West at another Cooke County Conservatives event. Allen made a statement about know your what and why each day.

Calvin Tillman the Chairman of the CCC Board mentioned people getting involved in positions such as Precinct Chairs and other opportunities at the grassroots level.

I knew I had to do something to try and make a difference at the county level as a grassroots candidate.

Filed to be a Precinct Chair

Shortly afterwards I contacted the local GOP County Chair about filing to be a precinct chair. I was told that due to the redistricting, it had been postponed till January.

I decided to attend the GOP Chair Meeting that was scheduled in December. I went ahead and filed when all the other precinct chairs met at the GOP.

Upon arriving, I was met by the incumbent of Precinct 11, the third largest in the county. He introduced himself and I introduced myself.

He asked what I was there for, and I told him that I was running for Precinct Chair. When he asked what precinct, I told him, your precinct. He looked puzzled and asked how long I had been in the precinct.

I told him around nine years. He responded that he did not know me, and I said, that is the problem.

Robert West with Richard Womack in Cooke County Texas

Two Men Named West

February 6th, 2022, I was able to visit with Allen West at a CCC event in Lake Kiowa. When he found out I had filed as precinct chair, he encouraged me by saying that I was running for the more important race.

On February 21, 2022, at another CCC event, I met a man who had a plan, The Five Star Plan. Like Allen West, he also encouraged me in my effort to run and make a difference as a precinct chair. His name was Robert West.

Two men named ‘West’ inspired me in my running and endeavor to make a difference.

From Volunteer to a New Precinct Chair

I volunteered to be a poll watcher in the March 1 Primary and according to the secretary of the state inspector, I was the only one in the county. Pretty uneventful but I did have a good catch on one individual who was given the wrong ballot.

On May 24th, 2022, I was out of town on a job and went to sleep that night knowing that the fate of the election was in the Lord’s hands. I did not even know I had won until about 1am on the morning of the 25th when I woke to several texts congratulating me on my win.

Three of us were on the ballot; from what I understand that was very unusual but when the results came in, I won by five votes.

  • Steve the incumbent got 105
  • Nancy the other challenger got 107
  • I received 112 votes

Recently, I downloaded the PDF files from our Cooke County Clerks web page and after exporting to Excel discovered that out of the 2754 Registered voters, only 151 voted in all three of our elections and 249 voted in two of our elections conducted in the spring of 2022.

We’ve got work to do across Texas; now it’s time for your call to action to begin.

- Richard Womack

Cooke County GOP Texas Precinct Chair 11

Cooke County Conservatives