Doubling the Texas GOP 2023

Doubling the Texas GOP 2023

Doubling the Texas GOP 2023

Robert West | January 24, 2023

We’re weeks into the #88th legislative session and what a mess. Now more than ever it’s clear the only way to get conservative priorities pushed is to replace the career politicians.

How we do that when our own party won’t hold these clowns accountable?

Since the party and a lot of groups have no interest in doing anything other than making phone and sending emails, I have put forward a new goal.

The goal is grand, to double the size of the Texas GOP. What does this mean exactly?

I’ve already kicked this effort in high gear and explained the details in episode #43 of my podcast.

County Leaders and Free Coaching

I’m looking to find one person in every county to step up and help find real conservatives to fill empty precinct chairs. About a third of these chairs still sit empty across Texas.

My wife is helping me with this effort so it’s easy enough to reach out to either of us incase I’m unavailable.

I’m also offering free coaching as explained in the podcast for that person taking the lead.

We set a goal to help five counties a week; if you want your county added to the top of the list, contact me today.

Free Resources & Discounts

There are resources available on the website that can help with this effort.

Is this ambitious, yes, it is and is this action necessary, absolutely. 

If you do not want to experience a repeat of our last primary election, then we better get started building our precincts now.  Active precincts can increase voter turnout by twenty to thirty percent.  

Any CEC that isn’t interested in filling their empty precinct chairs should be asked why because if we don’t grow the party, it dies. 

Reach out today if you’re interested in doubling the Texas GOP.

Robert West