Rep. Jay Dean Texas HD7 No Confidence Vote

Rep. Jay Dean Texas HD7 No Confidence Vote

Jay Dean No Confidence Vote

Robert West | January 15, 2024

On January 4th I attended the Harrison County Republican GOP Executive Meeting. During that time a Grassroots of America contractor gave a presentation on how to examine your State Representative’s voting record.

A motion was made to pass a vote of no confidence in Rep. Jay Dean based on his voting record and passed unanimously.

These are all facts.

Of course, I was a bit surprised that the three counties that make up State House District 7 did not pass something like this already. Rep. Jay Dean has on more than one occasion publicly said, “I do not represent the Republican Party.”

Rep. Jay Dean Undisputed Facts

A few of the key points put forward by The Harrison County GOP are also undisputed facts.

  • Rep. Jay Dean ignored a majority of his voters when he supported making Democrats Chairmen of committees in the State House.
  • He voted for the impeachment of Ken Paxton without evidence or sworn testimony and the Republican Party is not the political party known for sham impeachments.
  • Rep. Jay Dean sided with Democrats in voting to study a “mileage tax” on Texans and again when defeating a pro-life amendment put forward by Rep. Matt Schaeffer.

Did Jay Dean argue his votes? Nope, like the Democrats he agrees with 25% of the time, he accused the GOP of being “influenced by members associated with neo-Nazis affiliates.”

What party is more likely to accuse Republicans of being Nazis with no specifics? 

Not Republicans.

Here are two sites that you can go to and confirm how Rep. Jay Dean voted.

  • The first is a state website TEXAS LEGISLATIVE WEBSITE
  • The second is an excellent tool put out by GRASSROOTS OF AMERICA that draws from that information but makes it easier to understand along with adding other useful information.

Jay Dean's Nazi Accusation

If Jay Dean’s accusation that some members of the GOP are Nazi’s where is the list of names? Why would he keep it a secret until after the vote of no-confidence?

Jay Dean went on to say, “They can contrive and make up anything they want…” Apparently unaware that “contrive” and “make up” are the same things. The problem Jay Dean faces is that nothing said about him by the Harrison County GOP is other than recorded public record.

Accusing conservatives of being Nazis and liars without a shred of proof is also not a hallmark of Republicans. It seems that Jay Dean, who runs on the REPUBLICAN ticket, is not dancing with those that bought him.

Good Job Harrison County GOP. Now, where are the Marion and Gregg County GOPs and when does the “No Confidence” get shifted to a “censure?”  I have long felt that Jay Dean’s voting record deserves censure across his entire district, but these baseless attacks and accusations should also be considered.

Robert West