SREC Votes and What about David Covey

SREC Votes and What about David Covey

SREC Votes and What about David Covey

Robert West | September 27, 2023

The State Republican Executive Committee has ignored the requests of over half the population of Texas. They don’t care what you want, don’t represent you any more than the elected but just don’t want you to know about it.

Lying about Rule 44 and telling Texas GOP County organizations that the Speaker of the House of Texas is not subject to censure because the Speaker of the House of TEXAS, only represents Orange County.

Now that over half of Dade Phelan’s district has censured the man, the SREC still sides with the incumbent over the people.

With 21 counties and counting asking for a formal rule 44 censure the SREC refuses.

SREC Asking Phelan to Resign

Did the SREC just ask for Dade Phelans resignation? Sure, they did. It makes them appear to be doing something, while at the same time refusing to do what the vast majority of unelected Republicans asked them to do.

  • First it was that only Phelan’s district could censure him, a lie.
  • Then it was “not enough traction” but once you pass half the population of the state that is gone.
  • Then it was “not written correctly” but not bothering to say how they wanted it fixed.
  • Violating one thing nine times is only one offense (like in the case of murder?)
  • Then it was “we can’t act against him for not doing as we asked in the regular session, if we do, he might not do as we ask in the special session.”
  • Then “the resolution committee voted 6-5 to table it” so we could not vote on it.

So, what did they do instead of what we have been asking? They wrote and passed their own resolution asking for Phelans resignation.

They can’t do what over half of Texas wants but they can just make up their own resolution and pass that?

Reading the SREC’s resolution this stood out:

“WHEREAS, Speaker Dade Phelan actively undermined several GOP priorities during regular session, failing to prioritize legislation to secure our borders and election; and”

What a slap in the face to all those people who had SREC members tell them their resolutions were not worded correctly. These people could not be bothered to list the “several” yet throw back our censures as not worded correctly?

One SREC David Covey

One SREC deserves special recognition, David Covey. Here is a man that, unlike Chairman Allen West, has decided to ignore the law saying that any officer of the Texas GOP who runs for public office must resign their position.

  • Yes, Covey has been involved a long time.
  • Yes, he accepted the keys to the GOP Orange County HQ from Phelan.
  • Yes, Greg Abbott himself worked the phones to try and get Covey elected to GOP State Chairman.
  • Yes, State GOP Chairman Matt Rinaldi endorsed Covey ignoring the long-standing practice of not getting involved in primary races with three Republicans.

Why is the State not enforcing the law when it comes to Abbott’s special friend? 

Why is the SREC ignoring the law when it comes to Covey?

SREC Ignoring Voters in Favor of Incumbents

Just as the SREC can ignore the voters in favor of the incumbents, Abbott can ignore the State and Federal Constitution with mandates.  Chairman Rinaldi can ignore the rule about not getting involved in primary races and Senator Ted Cruz can ignore his campaign promise of only serving TWO terms. Now Covey can ignore the law just like all the other career politicians.

This is where we are in Texas politics and only regular, honest people with integrity can stop it. I know politics is dirty but if good people turn away it only leaves one group to run things.

Start electing good people, start asking good people to get involved and change things. Until we have decent, courageous people running the State GOP we cannot hold our elected officials accountable. Until we can hold our incumbents accountable, we will not get people to run against them in the primaries.

We only have a few months before the next convention, start gathering people to attend the precinct conventions now. Look for people that have never been.

Push these new people to attend the County and the State Conventions and clean house when it comes to the SREC. The same old same old is not cutting it folks. We need more than “yes men” and placeholders, we need people that want to improve things even at the cost of being looked at oddly.

Are there good SREC members? Sure, a few but if any of them say that they are the only option in a district that contains 1.1 MILLION people, vote for someone else. 

We are running out of time, contact The Five Star Plan, check our Resources Page and see what you can do TODAY to replace politicians with patriots.

Robert West