How to Fill Tarrant County Precinct Chairs

How to Fill Tarrant County Precinct Chairs

How to Fill Tarrant County Precinct Chairs

Robert West | January 1, 2023

Do you live in Tarrant County? Did you know they have empty Republican precinct chair positions? This has been my focus since The Five Star Plan book was published to get these positions filled across Texas.

It is through our precinct chairs that we can hold our elected accountable when they vote the wrong way. This includes not supporting our legislative priorities.

The next legislative session begins January 10. Due to the census of 2020 many more voting precincts were added. Across Texas about 3,000 of these chair positions sit empty.

David Lowe, who was one of the first Five Star Candidates in the last primary; has kept his website active. He is using it now to focus on improving things in Tarrant County and helping to fill these Republican precinct chairs is just the beginning.

They have many empty seats which can be filled now before the next primary. The present CEC, this is your County Executive Committee, can vote to have you seated to an empty position. 

Filling these seats grows the strength of the party, helps increase voter turnout and can provide powerful ways to force our elected officials to do as we want or find other jobs.

Tarrant County Call to Action

Here is what I am asking you to do if you live in Tarrant County.

Note: If you have any issues with getting help, please reach out to me. I have helped get many precinct chairs seated in counties that have had zero representation and where county chairs just refused to do their job.

Moving Forward

I want you to review David’s precinct chair page on his website. I am looking for one person in every county across Texas to follow this example. 

I have quite a few counties that have completed this process and a few more that are already great and need very little improvement.

I will personally work with you and use my resources to help you find good people to fill these positions. My contact information can be found here.

The Texas GOP is never going to do this because they do not want these positions filled. They like the way things are, positions mostly empty or filled with people they can control. Not all counties are like this, there are a few exceptions but not nearly enough.

If we continue down this path, we will vote our way out of a republican form of government. It has already begun, look at the last 20 years. The elected are working hard to take over the GOP in Texas with paid staffers and citizens need to work just as hard.

I want to conclude by letting you know that I do offer PC training and team building.  You can schedule that here if you're interested. Both courses cover this position in a way you will not get from the party.

I was an active Precinct Chair in Delta County for 4 years and had an eye-opening experience as to how little the local and statewide party are doing to improve things.

In my opinion, the precinct chair is the most important elected position in our state, it is the closest one to the voter. When you have an organized voting precinct, you have an informed voting precinct.

Thank you, David, for stepping up and tackling this project for the good of your county and our state.

Robert West