Paxton Impeachment & Scorpions in a Jar

Paxton Impeachment & Scorpions in a Jar

Paxton Impeachment & Scorpions in a Jar

Robert West | Sept. 6, 2023

A lot of very intelligent people from around the country have been calling me for my take on the Paxton impeachment.

On the one hand you have some very serious allegations with more than a bit of evidence and several witnesses. On the other, you have the Texas House ignoring their own rules and long-standing tradition.

Most people are lining up with The House or with Paxton, so I am almost guaranteed to upset just about everyone in Texas with my take.

We are conditioned to look for a “good guy” in any fight but sometimes both sides can be bad.

My Beef with the House

My beef with the House is that Texas voters decided to elect Paxton and they are not representing the people with this impeachment but rather, invalidating an election. None of the things Ken Paxton did or is accused of doing happened after hundreds of thousands of Texas voters put him into office.

The “double secret probation” and rushing through a vote with no chance for the House members to question the witnesses and in fact without even swearing in the witnesses’ smacks of invalidating an election in the guise of “representing” the Texas voters.

Anyone voting for this sham impeachment needs to be replaced in the primaries and at a minimum censured by their county GOP if you can find two other offenses.

  1. Voting for the speaker after he said he would appoint Democrats chairs.
  2. Voting for SB1124

As For Attorney General Paxton

AG Paxton brought a number of lawsuits against the feds and even won a few. My stance is that if you are a competent attorney, you should know how these cases will turn out prior to taking them before a judge. The roles of the state and the federal government are clear, the remedies are spelled out and you have 200 years of legal history to guide you.

It is my belief that Paxton was impeached for the crime of gaining more recognition than Greg Abbott. It is also my belief that Paxton brought several cases against the feds he knew would fail, simply to raise his name recognition among conservative voters.

I am all about pushing back against government overreach, but Paxton did nothing about Greg Abbott’s unconstitutional lockdowns and three years of “emergency powers” that shredded the idea of “Separation of Powers,” which is Article Two of the Texas Constitution.

In my opinion there is no good guy in this impeachment fight, only two scorpions in a jar.

What True Patriots do

True patriots are out helping challengers in the primary win, recruiting or volunteering for open precinct chair positions or filing to run against the cowards and cronies who will never stand up for your conservative principles.

The Texas GOP can hold our elected accountable but most often they refuse. Several county GOPs have shown us exactly how powerful the state could be and even how effective fierce Republicans can be at the county level even when the state party sides with the elected over the voters.

  • Work with your county an get the RINOs censured.
  • Find great challengers for the primary.
  • Raise money or offer to help campaign for those challengers.
  • Do things to push the needle and let Austin eat their own.

I am too busy working to improve the GOP to worry about two junkies fighting over a plastic spoon. If you agree, reach out.

We need leads for counties and unlike others we do not try and program you. We give you enough information to be dangerous and set you loose. We build rockets, not guided missiles.

Robert West