Texas Rep. Brian Harrison Filed House Bill 1476

Texas Rep. Brian Harrison Filed House Bill 1476

Texas Rep Brian Harison Filed HB1476

Aldo D' Aversa | January 27, 2023

Texas Rep. Brian Harrison filed House Bill 1476 to prevent state and local employees from being paid more than the governor.

This is a bad idea, the Governor position is a higher position, wherein that person has led a successful career and doesn't depend on his/her Governor's salary to live.

Limiting state and local employee salaries will keep high caliber people from taking those positions, what's the incentive. All the headache and for what.

Should an executive's salary be $500,000 or $300,000 that's not for me to say but for the market to decide. But limiting a salary on some measure with the Governor; they are not equal positions.

Can they micro legislate honesty? How does the passage of this bill make government employees do their job better? Get a list of all bills filed here.

Aldo D'Aversa

Physician, Educator, Patriot