Violent Crime Facts, Lies and Figures

Violent Crime Facts, Lies and Figures

Violent Crimes Facts and Figures 

Robert West | May 30, 2022

As I sit here it is Memorial Day, 2022. 

A few days ago, an evil person murdered 19 kids in Uvalde. The same people that support over half a million abortions are calling for the end of the Second Amendment to "protect kids.”

I am feeling really old today and really sad. 

First off, someone wished me a "Happy Memorial Day," as if there could be such a thing. All day I have been thinking about the men and women that did not make it back, several by name.

I am feeling old because I am about to write things using facts, truth and historical/government data. It will probably be banned for "disinformation" or for "violating community standards.” Not on all platforms thank goodness but on many.

I know that for far too many, just wanting what I write to not be true, is enough for them to announce and act as if it is a lie.

I know the feeling of wishing something was not so and to illustrate this, I will share a fact that I do not like, just to clarify that I am not blowing smoke.

Looking at Violent Crime Stats

If you look at violent crime stats 18-19 years after Roe Vs. Wade made abortion on demand common, you will see a sharp drop. In states that held out a little longer, you see that drop 18-19 years after they gave in.

Logically, people inclined to kill their own children do not make the best parents in the world and this led to a decrease in violent crime. I do not like that there was and is a positive thing that can be attributed to abortion but I neither lie about it nor try to hide the fact.

I look at these numbers and ask, did the murder rate decrease by half a million a year?

No, the murder rate did not go down by half a million a year, so abortion led to a slight decrease in the murder rate at the cost of over half a million children killed in the womb, a net loss.

Outlawing Does Not Work

Now how does this apply to the people that cannot wade through the blood of children to score political points?

The facts are quite clear that outlawing murder has not stopped murder, that outlawing drugs have not stopped drugs and for the areas of the country that have tried it, outlawing guns has not worked either.

You have an anti-gun Bishop in South Texas announcing that guns are easier to get than aspirin.  As a Bishop he should know that Christ told his followers to sell their clothes and buy a sword once he was gone. He did not tell them to go on a killing spree, this was a command to defend themselves.

Life is a gift from GOD and as such should be defended. I often say that all truth comes from GOD, and all lies come from Satan, “Who does this Bishop worship, based on what he has said?”

The Stat Numbers and Honesty

Now we get to the statistics and numbers. In 2020 we had almost 20K murders by firearms in the US. That would be 200K people in ten years, two million is 100 years.

These are somber numbers; only anti-gun fanatics would look at these numbers and feel any sense of joy as they could use them to advance their objectives.

Why would I share them? I share them to show I am being honest.

Here is another bit of honesty,

  • Hitler caused to be murdered over six million Jews from 1941 to 1945 after disarming the citizens.
  • Stalin caused to be murdered over 1.5 million over 30 years after disarming the citizens.
  • Pol Pot caused the deaths of between 1.5 to 2 million people in four years.
  • Mao Zedong killed at least 45 million people in four years alone.

In other words, I do not support getting rid of guns because I do not care about the slaughter of innocents.  I care about supporting the right to keep and bear arms to avoid the slaughter of innocents an order of magnitude higher that what we see.

Highest Number of Murders & Protecting our Lives

2022 had the highest number of murders in U.S. history but we could have 200 of those in a row and not equal what Hitler did in four years.

We could have 2,250 years of that and not equal how many Mao killed within FOUR YEARS.

Don't tell fathers and mothers that they do not care about children.  Do not tell a veteran who risked their life to defend the people of this country that they don't care about protecting people.

Most of all, do not blame the actions of an evil individual at the feet of people who believe they need a weapon to protect themselves and their families.

If anything, Uvalde shows you that some police officers are far better at handcuffing or tasering parents than they are at protecting children.

Most of all, don't lie to support an argument. Not only does it show you cannot be trusted, but it also tells everyone that even you think the truth would not convince enough people to make a difference.

Robert West