Dade Phelan and Other Natural Disasters

Dade Phelan and Other Natural Disasters

Dade Phelan and Other Natural Disasters

Robert West | June 21, 2023

For those of you that are unaware a mile-wide F1 tornado tore through East Texas from Panola County to Shreveport last week. A quarter-million people lost power, including us. Due to fuel and electrical issues, we will not be putting out a podcast this week.

Instead, I will do my best to include most of the topics I would have covered and probably do a more thorough job than when I speak.

Happenings in Harris County

First up, I met with Harris County volunteers and groups while in Houston and they are tearing it up. Block walking in Houston in the heat is dedication but that is paying off. They are finding new precinct chairs and gaining volunteers to help assist in the effort.

They have solid leadership that knows more about building organizations than you could imagine. Office space, financing, training/motivational calls and data are all covered or shaping up and more importantly they are making progress before all of this is in place.

I should be in Katy, Baytown and Pasadena on the 18th, 19th and 20th to assist with some training. As the details firm up, we will have locations and times to share.

Reach out if you live in this area and I can put you in contact to help.

Alicia Davis Endorsement

Next on the radar is my endorsement of Alicia Davis for House District 21. You might know this district because the slot is currently occupied by Speaker of the House Dade Phelan.

Besides Alicia, David Covey has stepped up to run, the guy who accepted the keys to the County GOP Headquarters from Phelan while serving as County Chair. Greg Abbott made calls for Covey when David ran for GOP State Chair and he has been an SREC.

It appears that the elites and most of the organized Republican groups are busy endorsing Covey to the Point that Matt Rinaldi has endorsed him in this race which seems odd as the GOP Chair normally stays out of primary races. I certainly do not know Rinaldi’s pick in the other 90 or so House Primary races, not even his own district.

Alicia Davis will need all the help and support we can get to her as deep pockets have started scrubbing the web of Covey’s past to make him fit the mold of “new grassroots.” If you think scrubbing the web is cheap you are wrong and if you doubt me, try researching Covey’s past on the web.

The good news is I have a potential source of campaign funds for everyone I endorse and a few challengers I like but do not know well enough to endorse. This is not a done deal, but it is shaping up to fund 30 or more State House races and just as many congressional races. I will share the details when the deal is done and that should be within the next week or so.

GOP Leadership on Censure and Resolutions

Now I want to address all the effort the GOP “leadership” has put into stopping censure and resolutions calling out the RINO incumbents.

Bullying does not seem to be working with the new Precinct Chairs that have joined the ranks in the last couple of years. Lying has not worked as well as in the past because of these newly minted Precinct Chairs. So, let us examine a new tactic designed to keep the party on better terms with the incumbent than the voters.

The SREC voted to condemn the Paxton Impeachment Process. There are two things to note about this, one with only a handful of counties across Texas having done this it seems the SREC is taking the lead. In the past when asked about a censure of Abbott or Cornyn the SREC pretended to have its hands tied until the counties spoke in greater numbers. Now with one Censure passed and a couple of condemnation resolutions they have jumped into the fray.

I can only assume the SREC took this action to convince counties that are considering censure/resolutions that there is no longer any need.

However, condemning the process instead of the people who oversaw and voted for the process is like a Soros DA condemning bank robbery but letting the criminals off the hook.

This leads me to the apology of the week. I was WRONG and apologize to the GOOD members of the Tarrant County GOP. These Precinct Chairs called their own meeting, made quorum and passed a resolution condemning not only the impeachment process of AG Paxton but the Speaker of the House of Texas and all five state legislators that voted for it while pretending to represent Tarrant County.

On one of my podcasts, I announced the leadership in Tarrant said they would never vote for a censure or resolution against the elected because they were afraid their funding would dry up. This was true but I made the MISTAKE of labeling all of Tarrant County CEC members as sold out and for that I am sorry.

It is an easy mistake to conflate the membership with the leadership and the membership has proven that. I should have known better, but I had no idea there were so many Texans, both native and naturalized, holding seats in The Tarrant County CEC.

Fort Bend should hear a motion in August and Dallas/Travis Counties will cover it as well in their next meeting. Remember folks, if you are not the lead sled dog, the view never changes and courage is not waiting for others to do the right thing.

I don’t mind being wrong, especially in this instance. So, if your county is stepping up with a censure or resolution against the Paxton Impeachment, Speaker Phelan or the lackeys that support the House Speaker, let me know.

Other Tactic Being Used

The other tactic being used by County leadership is to drag out meetings until it is late then move to adjourn before getting to “New Business.” The only way to counter this is to have your support ready and move to change the agenda so that “New Business” gets handled first.

Keep track if your leadership is obstructing you or ejecting members without a vote by the body. Keep track and act accordingly when they are up for re-election.

Lastly, Texas Scorecard put out an article covering close to 50 conservative bills killed by REPUBLICANS this last session. Between voting for Phelan AFTER he announced he would seat Democrat Chairmen, voting for the rushed impeachment and this list, we should have about 50 Republican legislators that qualify for censure under Rule 44.

Censure of a RINO opens the race, hurts their chances and encourages primary opponents. Recall that Trump said he would “target” anyone that voted to impeach Paxton. So why is your County CEC not helping Trump by passing censure against these people?

Between the County CECs taking action, Trump's targeting and the funds I am working on securing for primary challengers, this could be the largest turn-over the Texas Legislature has seen since Reconstruction.  We only need good people willing to run and Precinct Chairs across Texas to act like Texans no matter where they were born or how long it took you to get here.

GOD, Family, Country; Party is how we get there, it always comes after these three.

My Final Note till next week.

Due to confusion over the title “The Five Star Plan 2024” has been changed to “Practical Solutions for America” and republished. Sorry if this causes any issues, the title was my mistake. The original “Five Star Plan” is the plan, the new book is a list of issues and possible solutions along with who is responsible for fixing it.

Robert West