20 Years Later

20 Years Later

Twenty years ago, I watched aircraft that I had wired used to murder thousands of Americans that I had sworn to protect when I joined the military, I along with every service member I know would have eagerly traded our lives to protect them.

We crowded our churches to overflowing and it was not from fear but for grief and loss. For a while, we were all New Yorkers. For a while, we all saw those firefighters and police officers rush into those building instead of to safety.

I volunteered to go back into war zones to modify aircraft. I knew it would save lives and it did, I met special forces who told me they would have been sent home in body bags were it not for the work I did. When you have people like that shake your hand and thank you for the work you do it is a strange feeling.

People look at veterans like myself that saw combat with awe and respect but let me tell you, those "Special Forces" are a whole other can of M-A-N.

Every generation we send out best and brightest out to fight for freedom and protect our way of life. Those of us that served felt all the pain and loss everyone else felt but on top of that guilt. It was our job to defend this country.

What did we do wrong? Maybe nothing, we will never know.

We are now living in a time where all our freedom is at stake. It seems like neither party stands for the Constitution or our rights and freedoms.

In remembrance of those that lost their lives on 9/11 and all those that gave their lives for our freedoms ask yourself, "What can I do to protect those freedoms?"

Not only for those that came before but for those that will come after. your kids and grandkids.

If liberty goes away it will not come back soon and it will not come back without the blood of patriots and tyrants, there is still time.

Step up and run for office, volunteer for a campaign, send $5 to a campaign and talk to a stranger about what is going on.

My wife and I give three days a week and more to this cause, soon we might be forced to do it full time due to mandates I will refuse, we are not alone...

GOD has a plan and forcing us to do this full time might be part of it. The eagle provides the feathers for the arrow that brings it down.

Tyrants force nobodies to become their enemies.

Pray for peace, prepare for war and hope for the best.

GOD bless this nation and GOD bless Texas.

Robert West, The Five Star Plan