Contacting Your Texas Republican Chair to Censure

Contacting Your Texas Republican Chair to Censure

There’s a lot of anti- Abbott voters in Texas. This is really no surprise; he’s been ruling Texas like king for over a year…

Did you know that every single one of you can contact your Republican County Chair or the Republican County Chair in a nearby county?

Why would you want to do that?

This is an easy one, the Constitutional violations of Abbott’s mandates are available here.

The contact information for your Republican County Chair is available from your County Clerk's office or from the Texas Republican Website available here.

Once you have that information the reason to reach out would be to censure Governor Greg Abbott.

There is no law saying you cannot contact every Republican County Chair in Texas; I know this because I have done it.

You can email or contact by phone and ask them if they agree, “Greg Abbott violated the Principles of the Republican Party/the Texas Constitution?”

You can debate the issue and if they agree then ask them why their county has not issued a formal censure of Greg Abbott.

Make sure to get a firm yes or no answer. If they say “Yes” then get a date for their vote to censure so you can follow up.

Confusion over Censure vs. Censor

There has been a bit of confusion over “censure” vs. “censor” and they do sound alike but have completely different meanings.

To Censor something is to suppress parts of something that is found to be unacceptable to the person doing the censoring.

This is something most conservatives support when it applies to porn in pre-school and oppose, when applied to almost any adult. Or they get really upset when social media outlets suppress content.

A Censure is just a written document, expressing formal disapproval, normally of an elected official.

When people want to stop something like this from happening, they sometimes will say what you're doing “holds no value” and is a “waste of time.”

Once you have a written censure, it only takes a few minutes to vote for or against at the County GOP level.

So, what harm is there in finding out where your Republican County GOP stands with Governor Greg Abbott?

At times they will say the person being censured did not do anything that rises to the level of censure.

I would disagree in this case because there is not much further Greg Abbott could have gone without bloodshed. In fact, what Abbott did lead to the death of Texans.

Have you Asked your GOP County Chair?

Have you asked your GOP county chair to censure governor Abbott?

Maybe you have asked one or more GOP County Chairs to bring this up and get it done. Perhaps by now, you have a target date by which you can check on their progress.

Some of you probably have received a few firm “No, Never” responses. What can you do with those chairs? Start looking for better people to replace these cowards/cronies.

When they refuse to lift a finger to defend your rights or the good name of the Republican Party it is time to replace them.

Your County GOP and Precinct Chairs

The County GOP is, or should be, made up of not only the County Chair but also Precinct Chairs. If your County Chair says “No,” go to the County Clerk and get contact information for the Precinct Chairs, after all, they’re also elected officials.

Once you have this information you can ask them to censure Abbott. These Precinct Chairs can put forward this topic just as well as any County Chair.

If you cannot get any of these Precinct Chairs to help, then what are you to do? Find people to replace them in the next Republican Primary or run yourself.

Remember, it does not have to be your Precinct Chair to present censure. You can take these steps forward in any Texas precinct, or several.

Contacting your County Clerk for Voter Rolls

If you run into a brick wall, then the next step is to contact the County Clerk again and get the Republican Primary Voter Roll for the targeted Precinct Chair/s.

It might cost you a few bucks but it gives you the names and addresses of all the people that voted in the last Republican Primary. These same people are usually going to vote in the next primary.

This is a simple matter to go online, get a phone number that matches the name and address of the voter and then make a call.

These sites can help with that: That's Them and Nuwber

Share with them who you are, why you're calling and then ask if they would be willing to run for Republican Precinct Chair. If not, would they be willing to vote for a Precinct Chair candidate to replace the one they have now?

If these contacts are willing to run, follow up and have them file in September as soon as they can.  If they are only willing to vote for a new PC then record the name and number for your get-out-the-vote effort when the time comes.

Keep making calls and ask if they would be willing to vote for your candidate and put check marks by those that agree Abbott needs to be censured. 

You might ask the more enthusiastic one’s if they would help you make phone calls.

New Candidates and Campaigning to Replace Chairs

You can share the list with your new candidate and ask them to start campaigning either by phone or by knocking doors.

Right before early voting begins, dust off the list and call back those voters that agreed with a censure, have them write down your candidate's name so they do not forget.

You might even join your candidate outside the precinct polling place to ask for/remind people to vote for them.

Many of these elections come down to less than 50 votes so you can often win with little effort and a box of business cards. There’s no need for yard signs and TV ads as the only people voting will be those within your precinct.

Of course, you will find a great many Precinct Chair positions are currently empty. In those cases, you can dial until you find a person willing to volunteer and have them present themselves to the GOP County Executive Committee to be sworn in that office.

As soon as they’re seated, they can propose a censure, this action will help all the candidates running against Greg Abbott.

Once Abbott is out of the primary or polling low enough to finish third, we can start using this same tactic against the State Representatives that did not stand up to our governor and protect our rights.

Abbott first so we get the media attention, then the State Representatives. Censure does work, otherwise nobody would have a problem with it.

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