Five Star Questions & Answers

Five Star Questions & Answers

People have been asking questions of late about how we finance TFSP, what, how and why we charge for certain things and what is our ultimate goal.

If a few people ask then more people are probably wondering so I thought I would put it all out there.

In March of this year “The Five Star Plan” was published. 

Since then we have driven 15 hours round trip for a 15-minute speech, given more speeches than I can recall, held precinct chair training, sold a few hundred books and met a lot of very well-known people.

So How Do We Finance TFSP?

  1. Mostly on our own dime and we will never ask for donations. I decided this before we ever put together the website. You can ask my wife; I will go hungry before I ask for a handout and that is not theoretical.
  2. We charge mileage past 200 miles. We started out not doing that but gas has nearly doubled since we began so we made a slight adjustment.
  3. We sell books. Most of the books we have sold have been in person and that, along with the mileage fee, allows us to break even most of the time.
  4. I also offer what amounts to an “insurgent” precinct chair training class. The fee covers the course material, folder, pen and a copy of TFSP; lasts about two hours. Any funds generated from these classes smooth out the shortfalls and allow us to buy new tires and sometimes get a hotel room instead of sleeping in our truck.

    What Is Your Ultimate Goal?

    1. We want to replace career politicians with patriots and then trade them for other patriots after a term or two.
    2. Get Abbott out of the governor mansion because he violated the Texas Constitution at least 14 times.
    3. Replace elitist and “do-nothing” GOP chairs with activists, again with an eye towards newer activists. It is amazing how many County Chairs believe in term limits until you ask them if they are going to run again. I understand in some counties they are the only person that wants the job but that has to be a pretty small county.
    4. Get 5 million people to the GOP midterm primary, instead of the 1.5 million we had last time.
    5. Find and support Five Star candidates.
    6. Become irrelevant. Once this plan takes off there will be people better than me at everything and when that time arrives, I will lock the gate and stay home as much as possible.

    What Is NOT Your Goal?

    1. Run for office any time soon. I am stepping down from my precinct chair position after my second term.  
    2. Make money off my activity. I have a job and they are very flexible as to which and how many days I work. They do not pay me when I am not there so I start out every week about $600 down because I am out and about instead of working on a plane.
    3. Get famous, not my thing. Having my name known gets more people to show up and listen but if they’re just there for that, instead of the message and ideas then it really doesn't move the needle forward.
    4. Start a big money podcast. Yeah, that’s why you see me doing selfie videos all the time. I will leave that to people that do not have a face made for radio. Besides, I have enough trouble answering my new phone and don’t get me started on how to operate the “record” functions.
    5. Become the next… That is always funny because I feel bad for anyone that wants to become the next “someone else.” It took me half a hundred years to become the first me, I don’t have the time left to become someone else.
    6. Make enemies. I don’t need them but they show up left, right and center, literally. I don’t set out to upset people but we don’t have time to be overly polite. Lead, follow, get out of the way or get run over. I would rather have allies but only if it helps move us forward.
    7. Create a new political party. Why would I do that when we already have one? We just need to fill empty chairs and replace the bad ones. I will go one step further; I am not interested in creating even TFSP groups. I wrote the book to give voters and patriot groups a plan so they would know what to do and how to do it. The reason my resource page lists every conservative group I could find with links to their website is that I want those groups to grow. My book does not compete with groups, I want to educate, empower and encourage. If you are a conservative group, I want to see you double in size and then double again.

    If there are any questions concerning TFSP or myself please reach out on the website and ask.  If you hear a rumor feel free to ask me about it. 

    I have been married twice, raised two kids and been shot at by a tank, so good luck offending me.

    Robert West, The Five Star Plan