Recruiting Good People to Run for Office

Recruiting Good People to Run for Office

You all know I wrote “The Five Star Plan." Most of you have purchased and read it, thanks for that.

We are well into recruiting good people to run, everyday people you might know and trust.

If you visit the "Candidate" link you can see we offer something better than “The lesser of two evils." We offer the voters a choice between good and evil.

We have an entire slate of candidates that care about their word, family, state and nation than they do about a political career.

With 38 seats in Congress, 150 State Representatives, 31 Senate Races and several state-wide races including governor and Lt. governor it is a lot.

That’s not all folks, County Judges and County Chairs are being added to the list.

  • 254 County Judges
  • 250 GOP County Chairs
  • 254 County Sheriffs
  • 1,016 County Commissioners and DA’s.

We need candidates for all of these positions.  Even if you don’t stand a chance you need to run or find someone to run.

We need more candidates, if you agree with the book, you can help.

Eternal Vigilance

If the last two years showed us anything it is that Thomas Jefferson was right when he said,

“The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” We have not been very vigilant as a people.

We have put our trust in career politicians and they have let us down, we have let our state and nation down.

At a dinner with a collection of Nobel Prize winners JFK said, “I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together at the White House — with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.”

I know we are busy but as citizens, as owner-operators of this great nation, it is up to us to read the constitution, to read what the founders thought and to argue its merits.

Our society suffers from a kind of induced amnesia.

We were not taught civics, many people have no idea what rights they possess, so they have no idea what has been stolen.

Handed a Rich Inheritance

We were handed a rich inheritance but the elite, always ready to trade our liberty for their power, have ensured we do not have an inventory of that inheritance.

Civics, logic and basic economics is not taught. Or it is taught in such a way making it seem unimportant. 

Too often, the age of the Constitution is brought up in order to dismiss its usefulness. Fire and the wheel are even older but we have no replacement for them, do we?

Once we are well versed and knowledgeable, teach others, especially your children.

We Are All leaders

We are all leaders; people will follow us. We have no choice in the matter of being leaders, we can only choose which kind of leader we will be.

We can be the leader that gets people excited, involved and activated or we can be the kind that leads others meekly into silence, inaction and oppression.

The majority of people are good, if I did not believe that I would not bother.

We need to put the majority back in charge and stop this rule by the minority. We need to do this while we still can, without violence and without doing more harm than good.

Take the next step, run for office, recruit and implement The Five Star Plan.

Robert West, The Five Star Plan