A Fix to Stop Future Voter Fraud

A Fix to Stop Future Voter Fraud

I’m of the mindset if you’re faced with a problem you fix it and move on.

I recently had the great honor of speaking at the same event as Dr. Douglas G. Frank.

While Dr. Frank outlined the mathematical evidence of fraud in the 2020 election, he offered little in the way of concrete steps to stop it in the future short of “Amish Voting.”

He advocated using paper ballots and forgoing all electronic tabulation methods. While this would certainly curtail election cheating it would also cost more and take more time. 

In some areas it would do no good as poll watchers are led out in cuffs for actually attempting to perform their functions.

On the ride home I thought about what he had said.

When given the voting rolls, the number of voters from the 2019 census data, Dr. Frank claims to be able to calculate the other two sets of data with over 98% accuracy. 

This should not be possible.

Furthermore, he told the audience that he has only found one county in the nation thus far where he could not do this mathematically impossible feat.

The Census Data of 2019

The census data in 2019 looks a bit like the shape of Gibraltar.

At the far left it starts with the total number of infants, climbs until it hits people aged about 30 with a 45% incline. Then it levels out to about 70 and starts to drop towards zero as it gets closer to 100 years of age.

Now there are always a few people that don’t register or vote in any given group and those tend to cluster around the younger age groups and the extremely old.

Amazingly, in most counties it looks like every single age group not only registered in exact proportion to their numbers but also voted in exact proportions to their numbers, according to his calculations.

  • Every county in the states checked have the exact same percentage of people registered.
  • They also had the exact same percentage of people turning out to vote.
  • Each state had different percentages but every county within each state had identical percentages.

There would be no way to coordinate this fraud at the local ballot box but it would be a simple task using a computer program plugged into central counting.

The Current Action, Going Door to Door

Dr. Frank is currently gathering people to go through individual precincts asking homeowners how many people in each house were registered to vote and how many voted in the last Presidential election.

  • They are reportedly finding that some counties have upwards of 50K phantom voters.
  • Canvassers are finding homes with only two registered voters willing to sign affidavits that neither person voted but the county voting rolls show seven people from that address.

I am not involved with this effort in any way and the main thrust of this effort is to not only show the 2020 election was stolen but to reverse the results.

Not only is there not a mechanism for this reversal, I would hazard a guess that if it were successful there would be a huge price to pay in violence.

My background is working on aircraft and after a crash we do not seek to repair the aircraft but we do seek to understand why it crashed and attempt to prevent future planes from suffering the same fate.

As a person who has previously acted as an election judge and one that believes in fiscal responsibility, I immediately hit on a low-cost solution.

A simple fix that would have prevented this from happening in the past and for the people who do not believe there was a problem, they couldn’t object to implementing.

Posting Solution of Total Vote Numbers

To me, the solution is to post the total number of voters that participated in the election from each and every voting precinct within the county.  Each precinct would be required to record this information and turn it in anyway.

Representatives from both parties are normally present at each polling location and I have never had a problem with my opposite number. To a person, every Republican and Democrat poll judge has followed the rules.

So, if each precinct “posts” their final number of voters before turning those votes into central counting, what does that cost? Almost nothing…

How Can We Trust These Numbers?

Democratic and Republican Party poll judges would both sign off that the numbers were accurate.

What Good Would It Do?

If all the precinct numbers are posted and you wind up with more total votes than what the precinct numbers add up, you would prove fraud with simple math.

How Would This Stop Fraud?

With no way to hide the fraud, there would be no reason to try to commit it in the first place.

This solution does nothing to address the 2020 election but it prevents it from happening again and allows us time to secure our elections better.

This solution does not impact elections in any way and costs almost nothing.

County Clerks could ask their election judges to post this information to the county website with no legislative action required.

While not every county or precinct would do so there would also be no way to know in advance which counties and precincts would participate and therefore prevent wholesale manipulation of the outcomes.

I urge everyone to suggest and spread this solution to your County Clerks across Texas.

Both parties want the people to trust our election results and the vast majority of County Clerks want fair and honest elections.

This is my humble contribution to providing a solution to fix future voter fraud and I fully invite criticism of this suggestion in order to arrive at a better solution.

Robert West, The Five Star Plan