We Get What We Tolerate

We Get What We Tolerate

I was pleased and honored to attend the GOP County meeting on the evening of July 7th. Lee Lester as Harrison County Chair ran the meeting to decide if they would be the 1st CEC to pass a formal censure against Senator John Cornyn.

The measure passed without a single "Nay.” Two precinct chairs abstained, perhaps they forgot the oath they had just taken seconds before to protect and defend our Constitution. I took an oath to do the same over 30 years ago, to me an oath is not some formality but a promise to GOD who is in control of my next breath.

Notably, not a single member of the County GOP spoke in defense of the indefensible; not a single member of the community spoke in defense of Senator John Cornyn.

If asked why I did not speak when given the chance, the answer was that I did not have to as the Censure and the arguments echoed everything I would have said before my opportunity arrived.

If I spoke at all it would have been only to repeat what was already said by the men and women who were voting on the matter.

Imagine a Day When

I want you to imagine a day when our government officials are once again our friends and neighbors and not career politicians. I can imagine a day when you hear of what laws were passed or repealed makes us say, "That makes sense, I would have voted the same way."

Try to imagine a world where you wake up to hear the boarder was closed, the Social Security Administration is cooperating with Immigration and Naturalization Services to find and deport illegal aliens.

Imagine DAs in cities across the nation announcing they will no longer allow "no jail, no bail" to be standard for violent criminals. 

This can happen, it has happened, but it starts with you.

What Does a Censure Do?

A censure in Texas does not remove someone from office, at worse it gets them to step down or not run again. In most cases it ends a political career and makes other evil people do good things, for a time.

There are 254 counties in Texas, 250 of those counties have a GOP organization and the ability to pass censure. Any elected Republican can be censured by these unpaid elected precinct chairs who represent in theory 1 to 5,000 voters. Just the Republican voters in their precincts.

I urge everyone outside of Harrison County to contact your County Chair, find out who your Precinct Chair is and urge them to pass this censure against Senator John Cornyn.

All the information you need is listed on my resource page.

We Get What We Tolerate

We get what we tolerate, and it is time for the Texas GOP to stop tolerating career politicians who trample our rights, ignore our voices and reject our beliefs.

If your Precinct Chair position is empty, volunteer to fill it. If you have a Precinct Chair that refuses your request, run against him in the next primary election, The Five Star Plan will help.

Now is the time to turn this country and this nation around, starting with your precinct, your county and your action. Nobody else is showing up to save you, you are the hero if you act and the coward if you refuse.

Aaron Sorrells said, "We are Texans, that used to mean something". I think that was the politest way he could find to say, “stop being slave and stop being a coward.”

When you give up just a little bit of liberty, just a few freedoms you not only forge the first link in your own chain of slavery but in the first link of everyone else's.

Place Every Other Elected Official on Notice

With 100 or more counties passing this censure it could not only stop Senator Cornyn from voting the wrong way to avoid additional censures in the next four years, but it will also destroy his endorsement.

It will also put every other elected official on notice that they are not too big to fail. This censure will have the effect of getting them, no matter how reluctantly, to do the right thing.

We all know that 20 years of calling, and writing has not worked. Now imagine if all that effort put into calling and writing would have been spent on campaigning and getting more people to the polls to replace those that refuse to listen.

The world will still be here in 10 years, what will you do this year to make sure it is better?

Robert West

Censure Update | As of August 9, 2022, Five CEC's have voted and passed. TFSP has reached out to every county chair across Texas, and we're told more votes are coming. How to details are on my resources page under censure.