Is the Texas GOP Censuring Abbott?

Is the Texas GOP Censuring Abbott?

The GOP is Censuring Abbott.

Well, at least several County GOPs.

I determined after the first unconstitutional mandates from Greg Abbott that I would do everything I could to make sure this would never happen again in Texas.

Not just that Greg Abbott never did it but to make him an object lesson to any future governor or politician that crossed this line.

Our Texas House of Representatives did not threaten him with impeachment, failed to vote themselves into a special session which they could have done under 665.05 of Texas Government Code.

Our Texas House Representatives did not obey their oath to GOD to protect our rights. 

So fine, I would take on Abbott and the Texas House, what did I have to lose?

Turning to the GOP County Chairs

Turning to the GOP County Chairs my wife and I sent out messages to all of them, some I met with in person or talked on the phone. 

Surprise, surprise, most did nothing. Some replied with hostility.

We recently found out that a precinct chair also shared our information with all the GOP County Chairs.

I then began contacting Precinct Chairs that make up the foundations of the Texas GOP.

If the PC’s vote the right way the County Chair becomes irrelevant. Too often, the results were the same.

Some counties looked at the constitutional violations, more than a dozen and did the right thing.  To date 14 have passed a formal censure of Abbott

Two more counties are voting this month and another looks ready to pass it in October.

The First Six Counties and news coverage

When the first six or so counties did this it was big news and made every major newspaper in Texas. Since July of last year there hasn’t been any mention unless you read my blog.

Why was this big news at six counties but nothing as it nears the 20 mark?

Liberals want an Abbott vs. Beto General Election.

Why Haven’t More Chairs Censured Abbott

Why haven’t more GOP Chairs taken this step?

Why would you not censure a man who closed churches, seized private businesses, closed the courts, limited our right to assemble, told three MILLION Texas voters they were non-essential and put them out of work?

The ONLY two reasons are that they are cowards or cronies. To be fair the cowards far outnumber the cronies.

These people are frail, meek and useless but not corrupt. They wish to retain their status but refuse to act. Like the 80-year-old generals who tried to conduct WWII they need to be replaced.

We are running out of time and the enemy has younger, more vigorous leaders and troops.

Inside the Texas GOP

I am 55 but when I speak before GOP groups, I am often the youngest person in the room.

The Texas GOP considers “Young Republicans” to be anyone from 18 to 40. We have a kiddie table for 40-year old adults.

Some of these men and women have grandchildren but are treated like children.

Those proud “do nothing types” that have been involved in the party longer, believe the young need to earn these positions.

A common theme we hear quite often, “Where have you been the last 20 years?”

Having travelled across Texas and recruited more than 100 volunteers to fill empty seats I can tell you this: The GOP does not want these seats filled, not by people they cannot control.

There are exceptions, there always are and to those people I give all the respect they deserve.

Keeping Seats Empty

For far too long, many County Chairs have been keeping the Precinct Chairs empty because this makes them more important.

Keeping those seats empty means they represent the county. 

Some counties in Texas that are reliably 70% or more Republican have ZERO Precinct Chairs and volunteers are turned away.

Other County Chairs make sure only their friends, relatives and spouses are appointed.

We also have counties where chairs are passed back and forth between spouses.

We are in a battle for our freedoms and from our President to our Precinct Chairs we have weak, timid and useless people in office.

This is Texas, We Need People with Conviction

This is Texas, there are plenty of real men and real women that can serve. Fill these positions with patriots in the primary election and take the actions needed to preserve our liberty.

I’ll make it easy for you, go to our resources page to get the form to run for Precinct chair.

Pray about this people...

If you already hold an office but will not act to honor our fallen or those lost on 9/11 all those years ago, then step down.

If you find the inaction on the part of your public servants contemptuous, step up and run for office, now, today...

Get the application from the Texas Secretary of State’s website or contact your County Clerk.

We need people with conviction and faith to steer this nation, not people so afraid of being looked at funny they let the wheel spin instead of turning it.

May GOD bless this nation and may GOD bless Texas.

Robert West, The Five Star Plan