Is Your State Rep a Patriot or a Politician? Part 3

Is Your State Rep a Patriot or a Politician? Part 3

Is Your State Rep a Patriot or a Politician? Part 3

Robert West | March 11, 2021

I shared a lot in the first two articles. The purpose of this series is to uncover if your Texas State Representative is a Patriot or a Politician.

In part one I covered our State Representatives that refused to oppose Abbott’s unconstitutional mandates.  Then I went over who voted to allow Communist Chinese to operate thousands of drones over Texas.

In the second article, I presented how many Republican State Reps cooperated with the opposition to elect a new Republican Speaker of the House. A speaker chosen by the Democrats.

Now we are in the present and HB3 is being floated to give the Governor of Texas authority to make “almost law” that can be enforced like law, in violation of the Texas Constitution.

If your State Representative is going to vote for this it is not a strike. The reaction should be much stronger than a strike. 

Anyone who votes for this bill will be punching the referee in the face and should be kicked out of the game for good.

If you don't know who your State Representative is you can find that information here.

HB3 the Future of Texas

You might like Abbott; you might like his mandates but do you really want someone like Beto to have that much power?

Remember Beto came within 3 points of defeat from Senator Ted Cruz in 2018. 

Ted Cruz didn’t outlaw church services; he did not declare 3 million Texans “non-essential” and put them out of work.

He did not, on his own, destroy 20% or more of small businesses in Texas.  Abbott did all that on his own.

Abbott won last time by 13% but he faced a nobody, a cop who could not keep track of her gun, was not funded very well and who was named Lupe.

I am saying all of this to get you used to the idea that Beto has a chance against Abbott.

I am saying this so you will contact your State Representative and tell them HB3 is a deal breaker for you.  

You need to Read the updated version of HB3 here.

2021 Legislative Session

I just covered a few items in this series but here is another. 

The legislature is in session right now and they get 140 days to get something done.

On day 51 of 140 they had a total of 12 hours in session before voting to take a 6-day weekend.

If your State Representative voted for this then ask them, “Why did they take a job they didn’t want and are refusing to perform?”

Between Covid and the Ice Storm there is no excuse for these people to do nothing for 51 days.

Lastly, I want to congratulate State Representative Bryan Slayton.

On day 1 of this session, he proposed a rule in the house that they must vote on an abortion bill BEFORE they vote on any measure to name a road or bridge.

They voted 41 to 99 and the rule failed. But let me remind you there are only 60 something Democrats in the House.

This was not a bill to restrict abortion in any way, but it does show you who cares more about naming a road than human lives.

Republicans voted this down along with Democrats. 

If your State Representative ran on being pro-life then voted for bridges over babies, he lied to you and needs to go.  You can look up these bills here.

If you liked this series, I have additional articles at The Five Star Plan and a new book "The Five Star Plan."

As the author I can see a million ways it could have been better.  But people like Senator Bob Hall, State Representative Bryan Slaton, Shelly Luther and Tracy Jones thought enough of it to recommend it.

Babe Ruth said “It ain’t braggin if it’s true” so get the book and contact me if you need a speaker for your group.  GOD bless you all and GOD bless Texas.  

 Robert West

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